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Check Instagram accounts for audience demography, fake followers and real engagement rate, and get a fair price assessment for posts. Just enter a username in the field below and click “Check it."
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Buzzweb Instagram analytics makes influencer marketing transparent and efficient.
Learn the performance indicators of influencers with whom you are interested in collaborating. Identify those who have real influence and are the most influential.
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Buzzweb Instagram analytics provides ratings, post prices, audience quality, and much more data on any influencer.
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Filter reports by size, country, rating, and estimated post price, and create lists to streamline your workflow.
Why micro-influencers have more impact?
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  • We pick only 100% real influencers with unique professional content.
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Influencer marketing is a much better option when you talk about brand recognition. This is the most direct route to your potential clients heart and mind. Gaining the consumers trust and creating your brands identity is the key benefit of using our service.
of Brands today are using Influencer Marketing as a primary promotion channel. Be up to date before your competition will take over.
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