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Average influencer marketing budget is $5000.
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  • Usable search & precise targeting
    Use segmentation to optimize your campaign result. Find influencers by their followers’ features: age, sex, country, and interests.
  • Detailed analytics
    Our platform calculates likes, comments & engagement level for each post. Find out the best performing influencers & target groups by analyzing posts within each campaign.
  • Chat with influencers
    Influencer receives push-notifications on his mobile device and replies quickly.
  • Rating and scoring
    Brands are able to rank creators. Your campaign will be run by top rated influencers.

Why Brands choose Buzzweb

  • Remote control
    No more email negotiations and spreadsheets. Use the dashboard to track your campaign and get update notifications.
  • Warranty
    It’s free to post a campaign and to check out what offers you will get from influencers. You do not pay until you approve the post content.
  • A great choice of influencers
    Our total reach is 60m. Imagine the entire UK or ⅕ US population being exposed to your products in the most engaging way.
The Buzzweb niche features
top-rated micro and medium
influencers with 5k-400k followers.
They are highly trusted by their followers and have no bots among them. That means your ad will enjoy a wide reach, precise targeting and high engagement.
  • All our creators are verified and handpicked.
    No fake accounts or bots.
    Only real influencers.
  • We rate and reward best performing creators.
    You can sort suggested creators based on proven efficiency. The average engagement rate of a creator is 6%.
Payments and pricing
  • Our comission is 20% on top of the Creator's fee and no deposit needed.
  • Moneyback. If you are not satisfied with the result just ask for a refund.
  • All payments are completely secure. Invoices are sent automatically.
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Case Study:
Challenge: Introduce a new product to the UK market.
Audience: Women, 24-40.
Geography: UK, Manchester & London.

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