3 Helpful Advices On How To Increase Instagram Engagement

Last Updated: 06.04.2018 8:37
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Have a look at three simple and effective hints that each blogger and SMM-expert must know. And check yourself.

1. Monitor The Most Popular Content

Each audience is very distinctive and has its particular preferences, which you should know better than anyone else. Yet, some content is more successful in terms of engagement (in the form of likes, shares and comments) and some is less successful. How to increase Instagram engagement and reach – this is the question.

Getting likes and comments from people who found you by certain hashtags is another part of the art – to attract new people, who haven’t heard about you yet, because new audiences behave and perceive your posts differently from your followers.

Hence, you need to occasionally analyze the engagement level of the most popular content of yours. This can be done either manually or with the help of special tools.

With a free feature from Buzzweb you can easily filter the best posts by engagement level.

2. Find Out Your Best Time For Posting

Timing is a crucial element when it comes to an objective to increase Instagram engagement.The process resembles a circle: the number of impressions of the new post depends on the post’s publishing time, which in return contributes to higher visibility, leading again to a greater number of impressions and better visibility, and so forth.

One of the answers to the question of “How to increase Instagram engagement?” has been found: be aware of the best posting times.

Why does timing play such an important role? According to Later, the majority of your audience is online at certain times when they surf through the news more frequently. These times are usually mornings (during breakfast or when people are travelling to job by public transport), lunchtime and evenings.

Yet, every audience is different and what we’ve described above is just like using the rule of thumb, which is absolutely useless for SMM-experts or influencers. Hence, you cannot avoid an analysis of the account, posts and experiments with posting times. Afterwards you will have a much clearer picture what to post, when and for whom.

Another alternative to this manual approach is using “ready-to-go” services which would suggest the most effective publication time in order to increase Instagram engagement of your content.

“Best time to post” from Buzzweb is an outstanding tool to use.

The recommendations on when it’s better to post are based on your audience activity hours, your publications’ best results, and peak hours of Instagram use.

3. Retain The Quality Of Your Audience

Instagram internal algorithm is just like the big brother watching out for peace and order among accounts and followers. Therefore, if you try to cheat it with bought-up subscribers or use other tricks, your posts may be given less visibility purposefully to prevent such dishonest behavior.

The algorithm works as follows. Once your new post is published, it’s first shown to about 10% of your subscribers and only if they find it interesting and start reacting to it, it will be shown to the rest of your followers. If you have a big share of fake accounts, they will ignore your new post and, as a result, the engagement level and visibility would suffer, as it wouldn’t even be shown to the remaining 90%.

This is exactly why you should sort the list of your followers out to identify ‘dead’ or business accounts who only care about mutual subscription, otherwise they will bring your potential engagement down.

Unfortunately, the third tip on how to increase Instagram engagement is overlooked most of the time.

In order to make your life easier, Buzzweb offers another feature – “Audience quality”, which will do the entire job for you and save your bloggers a lot of time. The tool offers you an option to check out all the low quality followers, bots, mass followers, and commercial accounts and block them.


These 3 effective hints will help you increase Instagram engagement. So, now you have no excuses for losing. We also recommend experimenting with your content, posting time and different formats, such as videos, GIFs and photos. This way you’ll hold your followers on a short leash.


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