3 Keys To Gain A Sponsor’s Heart

Last Updated: 14.07.2017 12:00
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Got 5 000 social media followers? Or even more? Then if you haven’t already started monetizing your blog, it’s a good time to get to this. And in case you are already doing some paid Instagram posts or tweets, there are always some ways to improve your collaboration with brands representatives. Anyway, our three tips are helpful in both cases.

1. Know Your Niche

Targeting is the essential part of the influencer marketing, that’s why it is so effective. And that is why brands are searching for an influencer who aligns with their identity and narrative. Does he embody a brand’s story? Would he and his followers use the product in their daily life? An advertiser wants customers to understand and appeal to his brand through the chosen influencer. And it’s not about the number of followers and likes. It’s about the fit. The better the fit, the more effective the influencer marketing campaign is. That’s why you first have to keep a clear niche with a precise audience. The more it is highly targeted, the more engagement the brand gets.

So, if you are a gamer, don’t mess with a photo of your dinner. And if you have a popular account of your dog let only the dog be there. Always remember about your niche.

2. Add The Value

If a brand manager asks your for any ideas of a post content it means you’d better generate several of them. Why? The first reason is that brands really don’t know your audience better than you do. The second — it’s your chance to stand out and demonstrate how different, creative, and helpful you are comparing to other marketing influencers.  Remember you are working with ordinary people. Make it a pleasure to collaborate with you. Make yourself indispensable for a person who you are helping to promote the brand to.

So, in each and every suggestion from a brand representative, ask yourself what value you can add. Always add the value.

3. Stay True

Make your sponsored posts as visually appealing as your other posts. That is a huge part of the post success. As for your followers, they just expect it. And as for the advertiser, he has paid you to meet your followers’ expectations. Just be authentic to make happy both.

At the same time don’t forget to follow the law, which is also for the truth. According to the UK legislation, you have to mark sponsored posts with hashtags like #ad or #sponsored. In its turn, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has also stated that influencers should clearly disclose their relationships to brands when promoting products through social media and even prepared the Endorsement Guides.

So, if you want to gain followers and sponsors it is better for you always to stay true.

For bloggers, there’s never been a better time to invest in themselves. Use it wisely. Check out the latest Buzzweb advertising campaigns and apply these three keys to get paid by the brands you like.


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