5 Fatal Mistakes Of Brand Advertising On Instagram

Last Updated: 03.11.2017 9:26

Under the mounting pressure of the high task volume of a brand advertising campaign, it’s easy to forget a few simple (but not immediately apparent) rules that affect the end result.

1. Ignoring Advertising Guidelines

A perfect guide for publishing ads anywhere should contain the following key point: “Read the platform’s advertising guidelines”. Start with the basics — and you won’t have any issues with your account being suspended for inappropriate content or spam.

2. Selling Car Tires Via Sex Appeal

The research conducted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamaign demonstrated that people remember sexually appealing ads better, but do not associate them with the brand. Moreover, such ads appeal to broke teenagers, while real customers, particularly females, are repulsed by the active exploitation of the naked female body. To sum up — less nakedness and vulgar innuendos, more brand value and live communication with potential customers.

3. Playing On Stereotypes

There’s no average customer, or men and women in general. Reach out to specific people, and they’ll come to you. People are tired of generic advertising appeals to do something just because they are men, women or young parents. Show them that your product or service will make the life of a specific person better, simpler and more interesting.

4. Not Keeping Track Of Your Representative’s Communication With Your Brand’s Page Followers

If you’ve got no time to keep your business account going — hire a company or someone in-house to do it. However, someone on your team should always be on top of what and how this person is being written online on behalf of your company. After a scandal, the name of the SMM specialist will be forgotten quickly, but company reputation will remain tainted.

5. Ignoring Micro Influencers

Micro influencers have great influence over their followers. Unlike top social media influencers, advertising with them approaches a personal recommendation in efficiency. It will also cost you less, while the engagement rate will be considerably higher. Thus, if you are aiming for sales growth rather than brand awareness in your brand advertising, you should find influencers with no more than 100k followers.

If the goal of your brand advertising is to remind a wide audience of an already well-known brand or product, then wide outreach via top social media influencers will be more reasonable.

That’s all for today. Remember the simple rules, get creative and select the right influencers for your Instagram brand advertising. Good luck!

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