5 Reasons Why Buzzweb Will Grow Your Sales

Last Updated: 10.07.2017 16:09
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Selling your product is easy when you are able to reach out to your target audience. Thus, the social media influencers are the straightest way to it. The influencer has even more power over his followers than any celebrity as he is authentic and down-to-earth. And Buzzweb with its capabilities is the best tool to collaborate with the influencers.


1. Qualitative Influencers

Handpicked micro and medium bloggers with 5k-400k followers with the average engagement of 5% 

They have no fake accounts among their followers. Moreover, many of their followers are their real friends. That’s why they have a real influence on hearts and minds.  

By the way, four top Buzzweb bloggers have more Instagram followers than Elon Musk.

2. Targeting

22 category of bloggers (beauty, gaming, pets, travel, and more), the number of their followers, and their engagement rate

As each influencer’s audience is unique use the segmentation tool to find influencers with relevant to your brand followers. Test different influencers to test different audiences in case you are launching a new product. It will help you to tune your initial hypotheses about the potential customers.

3. Analytics

Likes, comments, and the engagement rate of advertising posts

As well as a rating of influencers, scored by brands that have already collaborated with them. Find out the best performing bloggers and target groups to work further with.

4. Remote Control

A single dashboard for all tasks

Use it to negotiate with influencers, track your brand’s campaign, and get notifications. Work with as many bloggers across as many social platforms simultaneously as your need.

5. Warranty

Free posting of advertising campaigns 

Publish your campaign and to check out what content and price suggestions you will get from influencers. You pay after you have approved the post content and it has been published.

Try Buzzweb to feel how effective the influence marketing is in selling your product. We return you the money if you won’t be satisfied with our collaboration.

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