5 Tips To Find New Ideas For Your Posts

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This is bound to happen to you or maybe it already has. Your mind seems to be jam-packed, you cannot come up with any new ideas, you are short of topics to write about in your blog.  You take a week long coffee break to reboot. Not an option? You’ve got used to posting daily, your followers have got used to reading you daily, so you just have to move forward. OK, we’re here to help.

A First, Some Methods You May Know Of

Our list is not a compilation of other lists about what to do when your creative engine has suddenly stopped in the middle of your way to another thousand fans. We are not going to repeat the methods, which other fellow social media influencers shared, but it’s wise to review them here briefly before we go through our five pieces of advice.

When you lack a topic, you can go to a nearby bookstore, library or newspaper stand to buy a book or a magazine on a subject you are not familiar with. Why not look through a couple of articles in a specialized aviation magazine to discover a new technology that enables people to use a wireless Internet on the plane even during takeoff s or landings? Maybe visit a geological museum and learn a few curious facts about the Earth’s ancient catastrophes?

Another recommendation is reviewing comments under the posts on your blog and getting thus new ideas or angles for published entries. Maybe taking courses to learn something, which you’ve never done in your life, may also helpful in broadening your horizons.

All this may occur to you without our assistance, as it is all fairly obvious. No surprises here, but we still think our recommendations will work as they deepen and broaden the “do-something-new” and “look-at-what-you-never-looked” approaches.

1. Study Your Family Tree (If You Haven’t Already)

Tracking your family’s history back few generations will be useful for any type of social media influencer. If you tell your YouTube subscribers what’s going on in the Bitcoin world in plain English or post photos of butterflies in Instagram, a story of your grandfather’s involvement in the actions of the WWII will be of great interest.

Why do we think so? The fact is that a small percentage of your fans read your blog and like your videos because they are interested in content only. They like not only what you wrote or said, but you too. That’s why a little “spinoff” in the form of a pair of interesting stories connected to your bloodline will fit into your content strategy. In case you are a travel Instagram influencer, you can visit towns where your ancestors have come from and add a personal touch to an ordinary city guide.

2. Talk To Kids

It’s very useful to keep an eye on what’s going on in the kids’ or teenagers’ universe, especially if you don’t have your own children in all age categories from 3 to 16 (and we guess you don’t as you have enough time for blogging). We bet you will be deeply surprised by how little you knew about trends in the children’s world and how much this world differs from yours.

Yes, a “country” of children abounds in events and trends which can provide you with fresh ideas, but that’s not the most important thing here. What we’re driving at is that parents automatically share similar interests in what their children are interested in. This is a rather big slice of information you might be missing if you don’t have your own children. Opening of new game zones in your town, development of new technology for tracking a baby’s movement around a house etc., all this may turn out to be a topic. And, of course, a child’s mind is capable of creating funny phrases and incredible stories that you may put them directly to a blog without editing.          

3. Read Yahoo.Answers, Quora And Other Ask-Answer Services

Borrowing other people’s intelligence, expertise and experience has never been easier. No, we don’t suggest you go to a website and ask people what you should shoot your next video about? Just read questions and conversations, turn off your critical thinking and let yourself enjoy the amusing and seemingly stupid questions.

After a few minutes of mental relaxation, you will come up with a new idea for your blog. Something asked or something answered or something commented on will give you the insight and… “Bingo! Why not make a video about new approach to Internet security that his guy talked about?” New angle, another point of view, something that would have never occurred to you. That’s what we mean by borrowing “other people’s intelligence”, no matter how clever or stupid they are.

By the way, asking for new topics is also an option. Why not? Hi, guys, I have a blog on railway transport, what would you like to know about traveling by Amtrak?

4. Combine Your Hobby With Other Subjects

Your review and the test drive of photo cameras was loved by thousands of followers and rewarded by tens of thousands of views. Still you feel that your fans are getting increasingly bored. Another Nikon or Canon… It’s all the same every time, but there are so many ways to test a camera.

Let’s play a simple and amusing game. Take an encyclopedia from your bookshelf and open it on any page. What you see? Astronomy? That’s superb! Why you still haven’t come up with an idea for shooting a video review of the best cameras for making a picture of the starry sky? Next page, please. The National hockey league? That’s great! Why not tell your fans how to take photos of sporting events? This can be a series of YouTube clips as different sports obviously require different photo equipment. Hiking? Hmm… Hiking means shaking, and shaking is bad for optical things. Is it dangerous for an expensive camera to be shaken during outdoor activities? Raise this subject in your next video and explain it to us.  Let it be a new challenge. Let another social media influencers join it.

5. Speak To Vendors Or “Emergency” Services

By “emergency services” we mean all those who deal with your fan’s special problems, ranging from muscle pain, slow computer running to bicycle repairs, or even suing a hotel in another country.

A content of any fitness Instagram influencer will undoubtedly enlarge after a conversation with a therapist or a surgeon. What are the most common complaints people come to them with? How to avoid these problems? We mean sports and of fitness-related injuries, of course. Find a guy who earns a living by repairing computers and talk to him about how to get your equipment to work longer and more efficiently. Go to a camera shop and ask salesman there what is the best selling item of the season? What kind of information on cameras do they lack the most? Advocates can provide you with many stories on typical problems which ordinary and unqualified consumers get into when buying real estate or traveling within timeshare schemes. All these doctors, lawyers, salesmen are the back side of any business and they often know something that most people don’t. And often times this proves to be the most interesting content you can give to your audience.

Use this list in case you need fresh ideas. We’re sure you will get a great percentage of interest to your social media page.    

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