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Last Updated: 09.08.2018 22:22
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Audit Instagram Account With Buzzweb Rating Service

If you represent a brand or are an influencer yourself, you might be interested in the authenticity of one or another blogger. In first case, you are wondering whether he is capable of promoting your product or service. In the second, you can check out and compare your level of influence and social media performance.

5 minute to audit Instagram account of any blogger

The Buzzweb audit tool can be helpful for both parties – the brand and the blogger. Enter the Instagram username you would like to check and get a report on this blogger, which contains his:

  • grade according to A+ – N/A Instagram rating;
  • audience quality split;
  • audience portrait;
  • engagement rate with the average number of likes and comment per post;
  • and the recommendations whether he is worth collaborating with.

Let’s have a closer look at the audience quality split graph. It consists of three parts:

  • Low-quality followers are bots, fakers, and suspicious accounts that the blogger might have even bought or obtained with the help of mass following tools.
  • Regular audience are those accounts of real Instagram users that like and comment on the blogger’s posts and videos, watches his stories from time to time.
  • And high-quality audience are blogger’s devoted fans, who interact with each of his posts.

Audit any Instagram account right now

A piece of advice for brands

  • Pay attention to the fact that the tool doesn’t display the data on private accounts and those whose owners have hidden their audit reports from the public view. According to our experience, the last case could be explained by their account’s low performance and its low grade.
  • We would also suggest the brand to hire only the bloggers rated between A+ and B. In rare cases, a C-rated influencer might be a proper choice. In particular, it is when you have reviewed his feed and noticed that he has several repeated promo posts from one advertiser. And it’s better if that advertiser is from your industry segment. That shows that this blogger was capable enough in promoting your kind of product to be paid for several promo posts.
  • Keep in mind that bloggers that are rated low today may improve their performance if they know it’s weak. So, if you liked a certain blogger, you can check him out in a month to see if anything has changed.

A piece of advice for influencers

  • Whether you are happy with the result of your account audit or not, you can always improve it. Except for phenomenal and rare A+ bloggers. We have prepared a separate article on how you can do it.
  • In order for your account to get more attention, you can ask the brands you have collaborated with to publish a review on working with you on the page with your audit results.
  • You can also place the link to the page with your audit results to your bio in Instagram. That way any brand will be able to notice how efficient you are and that you are open to collaboration.

Audit any Instagram account right now

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