Dreaming About Becoming An Instagram Influencer And Get Paid? It’s Not That Hard Following These Steps

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It’s important to understand that the first steps are always hard and not very rewarding. However, becoming an Instagram influencer is not difficult if you have some patience, a bit of creativity, and follow our tips.

5K Followers Can Make Money On Instagram

In 99% of chances, everyone reading this article knows the advantages of becoming an Instagram influencer. Yet, a kind reminder of prospective benefits will sweeten the reading and boost the inspiration.

The critical milestone that keeps Instagram users from earnings cash starts from 5k followers. However, once 5k is hit, an Instagram profile makes the first step to earn approximately from $70 per sponsored post.

Although the amount sounds not so tempting, it’s important to understand that the first steps are always hard and not very rewarding. On the positive note, some favorable scenarios show the next figures:














Important Reminders From The Marketing Point Of View

The first steps in influencer marketing are related to the target audience definition. Be sure to focus on your target audience rather than yourself.

If you have questions about this, take a look at accounts that are already well established and reach your ideal audience. Take a note of what they post, how often they post and what they say on their pages.

In case the existing followers consist mainly of friends and colleagues, it’s highly recommended to define persona’s profile and answer the basic marketing questions, such as: “What is the age of a targeted follower?”; “Where do followers work/studies?”; “What are their favorite interests/music styles/fears/dreams/brands/stars and etc.?”.

Completion of this task will form a strong foundation for the success.

Simple Guide To Follow

1. Content

Everyone talks about content:  “engaging content”, “mind blowing content”, “content that calls to action”,  “content is the king”, “quality over quantity”, “interactive content”, “video content”… and so on. Even if this is not news, there is a very good reason for that. This is simply the truth that works. However, let’s take a look at different techniques and methods that will allow anyone put theory into practice.

  • Authentic pages stand out and catch the attention. Pick your color theme and think of your basic colors in order to make your page differ from others. Keep in mind a kind of a style guide. Use grids and color correction to follow it.
  • Try to stay personal. Once the audience sees a real person standing behind an Instagram page, they feel much more sympathy. Although the pics should be quality, adding a personal element, logo, motto or some feature will add value and interest to the page and that will bring reposts, comments, engagement, CTR, and cash in return.
  • Harmonize the fonts, make sure they are easily readable and try avoiding using more than three fonts.

The picture below demonstrates the same vibe of the colors and styles. Using Canva, Stencil, Picmonkey or Befunky for these purposes would be very advantageous and save a lot of time, especially considering that they have a lot of ready to use graphics and templates.

Successful Instagram influencers are pros in these kinds of things.

  • Using transparent elements and icons would add a stylish element to the pics, make them more attractive, appear professional and even create a trust to the content on a subconscious level since inner human judgmental system trusts quality presentation very often.

Learn more about visual content, photography tips, how to display items and match colors and these time and efforts will be undoubtedly paid off.

2. Active Engagement

That means following the fans of similar pages, commenting on their pics and trying to get into a conversation with like-minded people. There are also Apps that are following, liking and commenting on the chosen pages or by selected hashtags. However, the best is to set those services the way that will allow selecting real users from companies that are using these Apps too.

The main advice that can be given when using such services — is not spamming and be really involved personally in the process.

Also, replying to the comments of others is even more important in order to keep a burning interest.

3. Power Of #Hashtags

Analyzing hashtags that are used by the pages in the same niche is an important thing to do. It’s worth keeping them organized in one list too.

In such a great time we’re living in, pretty much any service that one might need is probably already created. Websta.me and All-hashtag.com are great places to find hashtags based on the niche, industry or interests.

Source: all-hashtag.com

Also, it is possible to create an individual hashtag in order to mark all posts. This advice is particularly recommended for those who are willing to build their businesses on Instagram in the long-run.

Avoid overused hashtags like #love and #fun because millions of others use them and your posts will never get seen.

Instead, follow a general rule:  look for hashtags that have between 100k and 500k posts.  These are much more likely to find you interested visitors and followers.

3. Geography Matters

It takes 10 seconds to insert the location where the picture was taken or mark the location with a hashtag. Yet, it’s a very effective method of getting extra likes and views.

4. Head Hunting With Tags

That means tagging people in order to draw their attention and create a discussion, asking questions and sometimes even provocative ones. As well as joking with them and doing everything to catch their interest as long as it will be in alignment with personal values of an Instagrammer.

5. Timing

There are various studies that show the best times of the day and week to post your fresh content. Those are the times when the audience is most likely to respond and engage.  For example, a lunch time from 11am—1pm and evenings from 7—9pm.

Also, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to drive the most engagement, while Mondays drive the least.

Source: later.com

Another shortcut that can be suggested is analyzing the posting schedule of similar to your pages. For instance, an Instagrammer in the beauty industry — @Makeupshayla, mentioned in her interview: “My social media strategy: I post on average, three times a day. Every once in a while, I’ll take two days off or a day off. I tend to do better in the evening. I’ll do around two, 5—6 pm and 9 pm. At M.A.C, I used to post in the morning on my way to work and not even edit it.  I was so crazy back then!”

As a final point, in order to get money on Instagram one should be consistent and willing to explore the infinite possibilities of creativity, learn new skills and, most importantly, put theory into practice! Pretty much everyone is capable of becoming an Instagram influencer.

There’s nothing impossible!

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