Influencer Success Story: @mikan.mandarin

Last Updated: 27.07.2017 11:00
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We have launched a series of guest interviews with Buzzweb Instagram influencers who share their stories, best practices, and tips.

Today @mikan.mandarin, who has almost 48k Instagram followers, will share with us her tips on how to work with the target audience, use the hashtags, and post an ad.

Target Audience

As someone who’s gained a bit of a following on Instagram, I’d say the number one best way to grow your page is to keep your target audience in mind. For me, it’s teenage girls. And as a teenage girl myself, I have a bit of an advantage in knowing what they want to see and what they like.

But if you’re not a teenage girl I recommend doing some research. Follow the Instagram influencers you want to follow you, and take a look at the language and hashtags they use, the things they like. For authenticity, it’s important to fully immerse yourself in their internet culture. Keep them in mind with every post and only post things you’re proud of.

The Power Of Hashtags

A lot of people tell me: “I’d love to have followers like you, but using hashtags is so embarrassing”. I think you should use as many hashtags as Instagram will let you! This is 30 hashtags in each post. Utilize that. It’s the best way for people to find your page if they don’t already follow you, and there will always be a lot of people not following you. That’s why even to this day I still make the best use of hashtags as I can.

You may wonder which hashtags are the best ones to use, and this brings me back to the target audience. The best way to find hashtags to use is to look at others doing similar things to you or following your kind of page. Particularly, I suggest finding those with 10k+ followers who do what you want to do and nab a few of their hashtags. It’s a bit of a hit and miss but eventually, you’ll be able to find ones that work for you.

To those who think they’re embarrassed to use (a bit of self-promotion doesn’t hurt!), I suggest keeping your hashtags saved somewhere on your phone and just pasting it in the comments section of your picture right after posting it. After a day or two, you can delete it, plus it doesn’t look as cluttered in your caption. You can still end up in top posts or in the trending section if you post the hashtags in the comments.

Sponsored Posts

By UK law you have to make it clear it’s a sponsored post and hiding the hashtag in the comments may be a bit of a gray area. My tip, in that case, is to use a few, maybe 5 or so, more hashtags and sponge the “#ad” somewhere in the middle. It’s still there for all to see, but not obnoxious to your followers.

On that note, the best way to do sponsored posts without being obnoxious is to:

  1. Not do paid Instagram posts every day. Followers want to see your content, not just your favorite new teeth whitener or vitamin gummies;
  2. To make your sponsored posts just as visually appealing as your other posts. If they blend in, people won’t complain. Almost all of my posts are sponsored by clothes brands, which fits with my theme just fine as I’m a fashion influencer. So, it’s easy for me to sneak in a couple of ads here and there. I’ve not once had a complaint, so don’t worry too much about it.

Share For Share

As far as a share for shares goes, I say don’t bother. To those of you who don’t know what a share for share is, it’s when a page with a similar following posts a picture from you or a screenshot of your page and tags you with the caption “go follow this sweetheart!!” And in return, you do the same. It only clutters your feed and almost never works out with getting a lot of followers. I recently passed 47k and I’ve never done a share for share.

However, with Instagram’s new story feature it’s easier for people to do share for shares without cluttering their feed, so if you insist on posting them I’d say to do it on your story rather than your main page. No one’s gonna follow someone who just tells them to follow other people all day!

Also, if you’re looking to get paid on Instagram, definitely don’t buy followers and never use hashtags like #follow4follow — sponsors are looking for people with legitimate followers who follow them because they like their content, and that’s something you should aim for regardless! There’s no point in having 100k followers if only 3k of them like you or your posts — and it shows by the like-per-post to follower ratio.


My final tip is to find out what’s different about you and make sure your audience knows it. They follow 200 fashion influencers, why should they follow you too? It sounds cheesy, but don’t be afraid to stand out or be different because that’s what’s gonna be your edge. Use your captions to let your followers know about your personality, tell them about your day or things you’ve been liking (genuinely, not because you’ve been sponsored!). Respond to their comments and messages and build a relationship with them.

Use the feedback to improve yourself but don’t get lost in what others want, stay true to your passion and make sure you’re having fun. Oh, and try to post every day! Those are my tips and I wish you the best of luck.






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