Monitor Your IG Performance In Real Time With Buzzweb Google Chrome Extension

Last Updated: 20.04.2018 11:04
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Get rid of fake followers. Track new followers and unfollowers. Get insights about your audience and engagement. Monitor your last post performance.

Have you published an important post and are hitting Instagram every 5 minutes to check on its fate? Or is it essential for you to answer comments in a flash, thus increasing the post’s chance of getting to the top or to the recommended?

Whatever you reason is for needing to keep your finger on the pulse – here is a FREE Buzzweb Crome Extension for bloggers. And it could become your must-have tool.

Let’s have a glance at all the options that can make your life easier.

1. Last Post Monitoring

See how the numbers of likes, comments and engagement rate are growing. Answer the comments promptly to take the conversation further and help your post get to top.

Use posts diagnostics to find out:
– which posts are better received by your target audience;
– how much better they are received;
– and why.

2. New Follower And Unfollower Tracking

Following their dynamic changes allows you to see which of your actions produced the maximum effect.

3. Audience Quality Control

Bots and mass followers lower the engagement rate due to the new Instagram algorithm rules. You can identify such accounts with the Buzzweb extension and block them. This will allow you to notably raise your reach and engagement rate. Which means that you’ll raise the price of your sponsored posts, as well as get more sponsors.

4. Audience Analysis

Learn where your followers are from, how old they are, whether they are male or female, what language they speak and what brands they are into. This will allow you to target your posts better. It will also help you make your account perform better.

The main function of the Buzzweb extension is to help you earn more. Try it.

Download Buzzweb Crome Extension FREE

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