5 Tips On The Right Way To Contact A Social Media Influencer With A Proposal

Last Updated: 14.03.2018 15:57
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How to interact with social media bloggers so that they don’t ignore your messages and you could enter into mutually rewarding cooperation?

1. Get On A Blogger’s Good Side

Be sure to follow all of the influencer’s accounts. Leave meaningful comments under his or her posts over the course of 2-4 weeks. It will require a certain amount of time for them to notice you and treat you favorably.
Don’t use e-mail

Communicate only via directl messages. E-mail communication seems too commercial. Besides, social media bloggers are used to communicating via direct messages. It’s the best and most informal place where you can connect with the blogger and begin building your relationship.

2. Don’t Ask For Anything

Put yourself in a blogger’s shoes. They’ve got what many people (including you) want – an extensive audience and influence. Everyone around them, including friends and relatives, puts a lot of effort into trying to attract their attention. So before doing anything, think of how it feels when everyone wants you to do something for free.

You shouldn’t PM a blogger and ask him or her to meet, publish your picture or tell you what they think about one thing or another. Crush that desire. If you ask the social media blogger to do something right off the bat, you will most likely be ignored.

3. Offer Something

That’s right, giving is better than taking away. It may be something very simple, such as a free sample of your product, a sincere comment, or a simple phrase, such as “Hi, I really love your content!” The main thing is to reach a mutual understanding and let the blogger know that you really want to interact with him or her.

4. Don’t Expect Anything In Return

You’ve given a social media blogger a lip gloss or a T-shirt, commented on 5 of his or her posts, liked 25 of them, but didn’t get anything in return? Deal with it. Don’t ask the blogger when he/she will write something for you.

Just don’t. If social media bloggers don’t do anything in response to your actions, either they don’t want to react or they didn’t like your product or service. That’s the truth. Don’t push someone to do something they don’t want to do. The essence of influencer marketing is sincerity. If a blogger doesn’t believe in your product, or it doesn’t fit his character or lifestyle – the post he or her writes will be insincere and unconvincing – which means inefficient.


If you’ve followed all of these suggestions, and you really want to cooperate with a specific blogger, you’ll achieve your goal at some point. All you need is some patience. And a quality tool for selecting the influencers relevant to your brand. Ones that share your values, could use your product in real life and have your target audience as their followers.


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