The Way Of The Corrupt Influencer – What Doesn’t The Audience Forgive In An Opinion Leader?

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And how to earn money on Instagram, YouTube and other platforms so that the subscribers receive sponsored posts well?

Any blogger knows how difficult it is to earn people’s trust. Regular audience is formed over the years. And loyal followers can only be obtained through hard work and complete honesty. Everyone who publishes anything online pursues specific goals, but there is one common aim – receiving a profit. Even if a blog is merely a hobby, the blogger begins to understand that it may bring in revenue and the idea of how to earn money on Instagram, YouTube or another platform just wouldn’t let him rest.

The more popular you are – the more advertisers you have, and thus, the more opportunities to earn money. The temptation is great, and not everyone manages to cope with it. If you give in to temptation, you can lose your followers who don’t like being used to achieve your goals.

5 Signs That An Influencer Has Sold Out (Check Yourself!)

Regardless of the circumstances, sooner or later every Instagrammer or YouTuber finds emotional exclamations in the comments – “You’ve sold out!”, “Unsubscribing,” and so on. You can never actually predict what exactly will cause a reaction like this – everyone has different criteria for “selling out.” In any case, some of the troubling blogging tendencies, which lead to a growth of follower discontent, can still be exposed.

  1. A blogger doesn’t filter out advertisers, accepting all offers. He/she doesn’t care what he/she publishes – the more advertising there is – the greater is the profit. He may not even edit advertising texts. In fact, he may not even read them. There’s not even a hint of objectivity or a critical approach.
  2. An influencer cooperates with companies that have a bad reputation or with known con artists. The latter include questionable ICOs, financial pyramids and gambling, first and foremost. Any promises of enrichment generally cause people’s distrust, since they’ve already encountered numerous instances of online fraud. Seeing similar promises promoted by their favorite blogger, the followers begin to doubt his/her integrity – he/she doesn’t simply offer something redundant, but is practically throwing the subscribers right into the swindlers’ arms.
  3. An influencer is not knowledgeable in the characteristics of the goods being advertised and only takes them up for review in order to earn money. This is more poignant in case of techno-bloggers and various reviewers. Even if the inexperienced followers don’t notice anything, their more seasoned expert colleagues will notice your incompetence and will share their observations in their blogs at the first chance they get.
  4. A blogger uses any opportunity to promote the product “offhand”, without marking the content with the #ad tag. Appears on camera only in sponsors’ clothes, with products by major brands in the background. This trick looks even more dishonest towards the audience – it’s not even straightforward advertising, which can be clearly identified. However, the viewers, who are used to these tricks form the movies, are not that naïve. Some of them will definitely leave a comment regarding their thoughts on your gimmicks. And some of them may even unfollow you.
  5. A blogger digresses from the channel’s or blog’s main theme and follows trends. Everybody hypes. But it’s not always appropriate. If an author of an educational channel suddenly decides to express his opinion on Kardashian’s new dress or some other, juicy trend, it would be bizarre, to say the very least. He/she thinks that there’s no reason to work hard when a more popular topic brings in more views. True, but the main audience of your blog won’t appreciate that – they’ve signed up for your channel for entirely different reasons, and will not have the patience for such an attitude toward them.

Finding Balance: 9 Tips On How To Earn Money On A Blog And Avoid Being Unfollowed

Foregoing advertising entirely is virtually impossible. And internet users are well aware of that. However, you can make it possible for them to endure another advertising post for your sake. All you need to do is adhere to several important rules.

So, how to earn money on Instagram, YouTube or another platform, so that your followers welcome sponsored posts?

  1. Don’t begin advertising until you’ve accumulated a certain number of regular followers. First of all, when the audience is small, monetization will not bring in the desired amount of money. Secondly, you need to win them over first, and the abundance of advertising demonstrates that you aim to receive the most profit rather than to provide useful content.
  2. Select advertisers carefully. There’s no need to accept all of the offers you receive. Mention only the things that you’re sure of and that you would use yourself. It’s best to not to work with the companies that don’t have the best of reputations. In this sense, it’s important to keep track of the trends.
  3. Don’t be afraid to discuss details with the advertisers. Don’t think that your honesty and openness won’t allow you to make money. Advertising does not always equal a positive review. Most advertisers will accept neutrality, objectivity and even a certain share of criticism. Warn them that you are writing an ultimately honest review, get the advertiser’s approval on it. Reliable companies with quality products won’t mind an honest review, but don’t forget to mention advantages, if they are present, aside from the criticism. Otherwise you will just scare the advertisers off. It’s best not to cooperate with those who only allow to praise their product, if you really value your followers.
  4. Publish more useful and interesting content. When your audience grows large, there is the temptation of only posting content exclusively for advertising purposes. If you have many competitors and your content is not particularly unique, there’s a growing chance that you will be replaced with someone who’s less of a ‘mercenary’.
  5. Remain yourself to the very end. A sharp reversal in your position on a certain issue may cause distrust on the part of the audience. For instance, you’ve always criticized the make-up foundation by Mac for not settling evenly on the skin, but are swearing by its latest version in your last post. Have you been paid for a positive review? In any case, your position must be well-argued. Everyone has a right to change their opinion, but there should be an objective reason behind it.
  6. Sacrifice excessive monetization. An abundance of advertising banners and inserts makes it difficult for the reader to receive information. If the post has a sponsor, then don’t add context advertising and referral links. Greed may cost you lost followers.
  7. Try not to devote entire posts exclusively to advertised products. If you do that, add as much usefulness to this type of content. Throw light on all of the product’s characteristics, pay attention to details, talk about secrets and tricks. Let the users know that you haven’t just received the money, but also did your research.
  8. Advertising delivery is an art that you have to learn if you don’t want to avert your followers. Watch your colleagues, browse through popular internet media – you can definitely have a peek at the interesting techniques that will allow you to advertise products without any dire consequences.
  9. Observe your followers’ reaction and don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. When you’ve advertised a con website, and received a number of unfollows and negative comments – just say that you’re sorry and promise not to repeat your mistakes. Try to figure out which specific product ads cause a negative reaction, and reject any such offers in the future. Also investigate which of the sponsored posts had the best reception.

Remember, everyone has their own concept of selling out. Don’t try to win everybody over – you simply won’t be able to. Or you’ll have to become an altruist. Be actually useful, then you won’t be ashamed to present sponsored content to your followers.

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