Forget Everything You Ever Knew About Facebook Promotion!

Last Updated: 27.02.2018 11:41
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There will be even less business and media in the social media feed in 2018. How does one go about marketing and Facebook promotion after Mark Zukerberg announced his vision of private content’s priority over public?

Facebook capitalization has risen beyond half a trillion US dollars, but the social media platform itself is having problems. Audience engagement is dropping. The time that users spend on the platform is also decreasing. Don’t forget the fake news and the Russian hackers. From a social interaction platform Facebook is turning into a platform for passive consumption of content of the “16 facts about everything in the world” type.

That’s why in early 2018 Mark Zukerberg declared that the social media platform has to turn around and come back to its roots, namely, social interaction between friends and relatives. There’s too much professional content coming from the business and media segments, and it’s slated to be pessimized. This turnaround has cost the company a capitalization loss of $3 billion, but it seems that the vector has been set. Priority will be granted to friends’ posts that have sparked an active discussion, rather than generally popular posts. The comments are now defined as “meaningful interaction”, and prioritized over the likes, shares and the amount of time spent on the post or video. Posts from authors who initiate more quality interaction, rather than just stimulate users to spend more time online, will be shown more actively.

Four Obvious Conclusions Are To Be Drawn From The Situation

  1. Content plans, heading lists and other nonsense are things of the past. The classic plan with news, fan-content and reviews are outdated and useless to business. There are exceptions, but they concern popular brand pages, such as Chanel, Nike or Starbucks. If they’re not the ones you are working for, and you don’t know how to engage a user in dialogue and at least encourage them to share your post – don’t waste your time. It’s best to focus on targeted advertising.
  2. If there is an option of promoting your business via the personal brand of the company head or company owner – do it. Posts from specific people a priori get more coverage than posts made on behalf of public pages.
  3. The Facebook team makes it clear that it is moving part of the business-consumer interaction to the messengers. Business does not need to bombard the consumer with useless promotions and life hacks 24/7. It’s much more essential to answer questions promptly, help make the right choice, clarify delivery issues. That’s why in 2018 a business version of WhatsApp messenger, which is a Facebook subsidiary, will appear, assisting in the resolution of these issues.
  4. If you are not working with Facebook influencers yet – it’s about time you started. Facebook influencers are the only ‘business’ channel of Facebook promotion that will remain effective. Actually, the whole influencer marketing campaign comprised of 10-15 posts, launched via micro Facebook influencers will cost less than an SMM-expert’s monthly salary. Meanwhile, engagement and coverage are guaranteed.

Final Words

Currently a paid post in a popular group or on a popular person’s page is a hundred times cheaper and efficient than attempting to gain your own followers. This is the case for 99% of the businesses.


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