5 Politicians Who We Would Follow As Social Media Influencers, But They Took The Wrong Path

Last Updated: 07.07.2017 15:00
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Politics and blogging have a lot in common. Openness, readiness to hasty feedback, and, of course, a bit of self-admiration are things needed to top the wave of people’s love and hate which is the first and foremost condition for success.

We counted that the humanity lost at least five potentially popular influencers. They all have become politicians. Let’s take a crystal ball and imagine the world where Bill Clinton shoots weird videos and Queen Elizabeth II posts on Instagram from the Maldives’ beach.       

Boris Johnson In Twitter: Text That Bites As Shark

British Foreign Minister and the former London’s mayor was some kind of blogger a few years ago and to some degree, he is a blogger right now. He worked as a journalist covering British politics and the European affairs from Brussels. Ironically, he’s the minister who must handle the process of Britain’s saying goodbye to the EU.

Johnson is absolutely qualified for a task to attract attention through provocations. We mean provocations on the brink of having a red card, but thoroughly calculated. His creative content marketing campaign during election brought him into the London mayor’s seat twice despite enormous criticism and attacks from the press. He’s popular, but what’s more important he knows how to become popular, no matter if he handles negotiations with unpredictable Zimbabwean governor Mugabe or tweets.  

Bill Clinton: Love Affair With YouTube

Let’s drop that Monika Lewinski case you might have thought of when you saw the name of the 42nd President of America. Billy is just awesome, he’s beloved by almost everybody he meets. In the U.S. history, a few persons like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Reagan jumped into high-ranked seats from cinema screens. Mr. Clinton could go in the opposite direction. He grabs your attention in milliseconds and keeps it for hours:

After leaving the Oval Office, he seems to have found this right path for which he was born. Watch his incredible facial mobility in this video which features him with another American president George W. Bush:

Queen Elisabeth II: Nice Instaphotos From Another Mountain Top

Let’s do some math. We take the fact that the Queen of The Great Britain visited more than 116 countries plus that she sent her first email in 1973 plus that she is fond of photographing and multiply by her personal courage and brave service during the World War II. What have we got? The right answer is an Instagram influencer who is traveling around the world along unbeaten paths. Wildwoods, mountain lakes, jungles and the Andes, this all could have filled her account if she had had it. You say it can be dangerous? Well, yes, but what the Queen is good at is negotiations and resolving problems. She served as a truck driver and technician, after all. By the way, the Royal family has got profiles on Twitter and Facebook, so they seem to be on the right track.

John F. Kennedy: Great Influencer Via… Facebook

It can sound rather strange: U. S. President John Kennedy as a social media influencer? In the 50s and 60s? Well, why not, his flair for writing coupled with a strategic mind and the ability to lead made him one of the greatest statesmen of the XX century. Undoubtedly, he would have been a man whose posts on Facebook or whatever else it could be 70 years ago would have been read by millions of people with the slogan “I’m a Berliner!” becoming an Internet meme seconds after its creation. To back our vote for Kennedy as a member of our bloggers’ team, we’d remind that he wrote a few books with “Profiles in Courage” winning the Pulitzer Prize. Great note for a curriculum vitae, isn’t it?

Michael Bloomberg: The Most Powerful Social Media Influencer At Any Platform 

We have no doubt that the former mayor of New York, a man who has founded one of the biggest business media in the world, could be a successful blogger and a top rated Buzzweb social media influencer. An influencer who possesses the ability to put complicated things into simple words. An influencer who can be energetic and creative which he has demonstrated while being in office, for example, by putting a ban on smoking in public spaces. An influencer who is brilliant at getting his thoughts delivered to minds and hearts. Look at how his corporation sends stock market ups and downs to the eyes of traders and brokers online no matter where they are at the moment.


So, you could ask yourself — is it really that I’ve just read a post about politicians that didn’t contain even a word on Trump, current U. S. President? Yes, you have, you needn’t even read it again (though you can, of course). That’s just because we don’t consider Trump a blogger at all. Why? He doesn’t listen to anybody what’s a killing thing for someone willing to become a popular influencer just as the absence of the desire to obey traffic rules would get you in the nearest road ditch. So no, we will not follow Trump.

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