Influencer Success Story: @oliveandevelyn

Last Updated: 11.08.2017 11:40
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We have launched a series of guest interviews with Buzzweb Instagram influencers who share their stories, best practices, and tips.

Today @oliveandevelyn with 129k Instagram followers will tell us her story of growing and collaborating with brands.

The Beginning

I started our Instagram account in March of 2015.  At first, I would upload Evelyn’s photos on my personal Instagram account, and she proved to be very popular. So I decided to set up a page just for Evelyn as her official account.

It started off like any other page. I uploaded photos of Evelyn at home, playing in the park and just general day to day images. All very simple.  

Collaborating With Brands

At the start, our following was quite low. Maybe 200-300. So our main challenge in getting picked by brands was that companies were looking for pages with a much larger following than what we currently had.

A lot of the business we dealt with at first were just starting up, maybe with one person running things. Thanks to Evelyn, this helped promote their products to a much greater audience and it felt genuinely good to be able to help these people build their business.

From the moment we have reached a milestone of 100k followers, we were noticed by larger multinational companies who would enquire about using Evelyn’s photos to promote their brands. It still feels surreal that she should appear on 2017 calendars!

We receive items and gifts in the post nearly every day, never really knowing what will arrive next! Evelyn, being the little princess that she is, loves getting dressed up in different outfits and bows that had been delivered.

Growing Followers

Our followers started to grow due to fashion pages sharing Evelyn’s photos and tagging our account. She was noted for her big blue eyes and ‘doll like’ appearance.

Another thing that helped us get noticed and help increase our audience was the use of hashtags. That’s how Evelyn became an Instagram influencer. 

Engaging With The Followers

I love to engage with our followers. I try to respond to each message, as I think it is important to let everyone know how grateful we are for the love and support followers show us, even if it is just a single comment. I take time to read them all and let Evelyn know how much she is loved and adored by people all over the world.

One of my favorite ways to engage with our followers is live streaming. This gives us a great platform to let everyone know what we are getting up to throughout the day and it gives people the opportunity to leave comments which I read to Evelyn. It’s a great way of interacting with our followers and for them to interact with us as well.

The new ‘story’ feature is another great way for an Instagram influencer to share his day to day activities. It enables to upload several different pictures and videos that are only available for 24 hours.


I hope that Evelyn’s account will continue to grow, that we can meet and interact with new people, as well as collaborate with amazing businesses. Both I and, most importantly Evelyn, are really enjoy this amazing adventure together and love every second of it.

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