How Influencer Marketing Can Grow B2B Business? Cases And Tips

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Social media is the shortest way to reach and communicate with the potential customers and partners directly. That’s the reason why influencer marketing is booming. B2B businesses can also benefit from it with the help of business influencers.

In order to see how this trend is booming, it’s enough to mention that such popular figures as the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, the founder of the Virgin, Richard Branson, and even Bill Gates are all registered on Instagram.

According to Pew Research Center, 28% of Americans use Instagram on a regular basis. CEOs, top managers, and business owners are definitely part of them. If this fact is not enough, here’s another estimate provided by EMGI Group, business and brand consultancy, — 70.7% of U.S. companies use Instagram in 2017.

Top managers and business owners benefit following Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram micro business influencers like Grant Cardone from real estate industry, Shep Hyken, who focuses on a culture of customer service, or Collin Crypto, an angel investor, who covers finances. There’re thousands of business micro-influencers whose blogs are the ideal places to spread the word out loud.

Success Stories

Yet, proving the effectiveness of B2B marketing influencers would be easier by real life cases.

Microsoft and National Geographic case

Given that Microsoft was interested in promotion and National Geographic had reputation and resources in a form of channels and professional photographers, these two big brothers combined the efforts and launched the marketing campaign on #1 platform for photography — on Instagram. A campaign called “Make What’s Next” for the International Woman day with just 30 pictures has accumulated more than 3.5 million “likes”.

IBM: employees can make a big difference

This case teaches companies to use all available resources, including human resources. Being a B2B company, IBM has motivated its employees to spread the word about its new services and gained 50,000 new registrations to IBM Verse, a cloud business email hosting platform and messaging software as a service, in just two weeks.

And now after this insane figure was produced by employees, imagine how you can multiply your efforts by cooperating with professional marketing influencers whose major weapon is the power of persuasion and who have your target audience at their fingertips.

SAP exceeds its expectations with video influencer marketing

SAP, a software giant provider, needed to promote its Sapphire Conference that aimed to gather 20k guests. They used a great range of industry influencers and advertised the conference via live video content co-created with the bloggers. The content was mainly in a form of interviews which were relevant for the audience of each specific channel. As a result, SAP got 80k event attendees.

Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ballot Briefcase

Another impressive example of influential marketing B2B campaign resulted in 126k impressions on Instagram and 1k Twitter mentions during the first 3 weeks, as well as in 700 Snapchat views just during the 1st day.

Ballot Briefcase campaign was conducted owing to PwC’s employees, who traveled around the country and took entertaining pics with the briefcase. The buzz was built around the upcoming Oscars. The campaign had an objective to reposition the PwC brand appeal.

Methods For Effective B2B Promotion

If all the arguments above are enough for you to make a step forward, you need to be prepared. Let’s observe the techniques that will build brand recognition with the help of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram influencers.

New product or service announcement

That’s an obvious point. What product or service do you want to promote? Let your influencer tell about it to his followers. Customers are much more likely to be responsive to recommendations from a person they know and respect over corporate messaging.

Making portfolio

An influencer needs to describe your achievements and how they affected other companies and society. The task of the influencer here is to make insights and speak honestly using facts, numbers, and statistics. Your job is to provide all this information to your influencer.

News sharing

You can share any event or activity that happens in your company and it will be a pretty good reason for your influencer to cover it on his page. Mentioning your main product or benefit “accidentally” or “by the way” in the post is a good strategy that will create great awareness.

Buzzweb business Instagram influencers

Telling the company’s history

People like hearing stories how companies and people are overcoming challenges. So, tell them what they want to hear and you will get sympathy and trust of your target audience. If your influencer tells his followers of how he/she is inspired by your business and problem-solving skills, your potential customers will likely love to get to know you closer.

Special content for your Instagram influencers

Come up with specific content which is most relevant for your influencers —something that correlates with them personally or mentions the advantages of their blog. By building the content for the specific style or area of influencers’ interest, you will increase the chances of sharing the news.

Content co-creation

Select the most perspective influencers among those which are suitable for your business and create content together. This will cost you more time and money, but this is what you can do to get outstanding results.

This could be done through conducting an interview or in a form of a post that mentions both of you and shares valuable information for the audience. The key to viral content distribution is the benefit that it delivers.

And finally, the last advice is creativity. You can find influencers to share your cartoon instead of a video or make a webinar with one of your influencers in an unusual location. Anything that can stand out and draw attention will work for your benefit.

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