Study: How Influencers Really Want To Work With Brands

Last Updated: 17.08.2017 12:17
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We would like to share with you some of the results of Bloglovin global influencer survey which shows who influencers and their followers are, what they like, and the best ways for brands to work with them.

In particular, we are going to cover the most remarkable insights of the study that are connected with social media platforms and money.

Influencers And Social Media Platforms

Influencer reach by platform

Instagram has the biggest amount of influencers with 25—50k and 50—100k followers. This is the best platform in case the brand’s advertising campaign goal is publicity.

However, the advertiser should remember that the amount of the followers is not the key to the campaign’s success. The first level of the campaign’s efficiency is the engagement which doesn’t depend on a number of influencer subscribers and a social media platform he belongs to. The second level is the amount of the brand’s social media pages new followers, their loyalty and interest to brand’s product. The third is about sales growth.

Where influencers are

With blogs and Instagram being where an overwhelming number of influencers publish organic content, these two platforms could be among the most effective marketing channels to reach influencers’ audiences. However, the brand should consider its product and message.

Also, the ad posted on blogs doesn’t have such a great viral effect like the ad posted on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Which platforms are winning

When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is big with influencers in every sphere, and therefore should be an important way of communication with brand’s potential clients.

However, it’s not a one size fits all solution. Brands need to consider industry and content type before deciding on the mix of platforms to collaborate with social media influencers on branded content.

Industries winning on Instagram

Fashion, beauty, and food brands, particularly, should apply to Instagram influencers while launching their influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers And Sponsored Posts

Where brands are paying for content

Blogs are still the most popular place for sponsored content — brands have an opportunity to create richer content on blogs due to length and format.

However, advertisers should look to how their marketing campaigns can be applied to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, as these platforms are becoming more and more popular among the influencers. Moreover, the ad posted there has the viral effect due to the platforms’ sharing opportunities.

Influencers preferred platforms

Despite the buzz around newer platforms like Snapchat, social media influencers still prefer more established platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for visual content.

The costs of influencer marketing

Only 25% of influencers believe that brands have a realistic understanding of how much influencer marketing programs cost.

Key Points

1. Reach is not the defining factor.  Social media influencers always have smaller but more engaged audiences. That means that in the aggregate, they are an efficient channel for brands to tap into.

2. Instagram is the leading platform for social media influencers. Advertisers of any kind of industry executing influencer marketing should consider it as the core channel to prioritize.

3. Influencers do not believe that advertisers understand the true cost of influencer marketing. However, as they are a large and diverse set, brands have an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relationships with proper targeting and identification of marketing influencers.

4. Social influencer marketing is a great option for brands to fine-tune their target audiences and gain ROI. It’s not only major media celebrities that advertisers should be targeting. Influencers can tap into more niche, diverse audiences. Advertisers can have more control over who they reach by defining the proper mix of influencers to collaborate with.

5. There is a great chose of influencers. Brands should clearly determine their positioning and marketing campaigns’ goals to find influencers that will align with their identities.

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