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We are launching a series of guest interviews with top influencers who share their stories, best practices, and tips.

Today @daddownload, an Instagram influencer, who has 22k Instagram followers and posts about his daughter and parenting, will tell us how he has gained his first 1k followers, what apps help him to produce the content and why he is not fond of analyzing post results. The influencer will also share his 4 tips to engage followers.

The Impulse To Post

I’ve been with my baby’s mama for nearly 14 years, and managed to fend off parenthood for a long time before finally cracking to the pressure — “I’m not getting any younger LEE!” she said.

Anyways, I’ve had some amazing experiences with Instagram previously when I was a ‘Sneakerhead’ so I was aware how amazing the community was and how you could genuinely make some good friends from it.

With all this onboard I decided to start a page documenting our journey into parenthood and my daughter growing up. I think it’s a nice way to be able to see her throughout all stages. Parents always comment on the fact that children grow up quick, so I didn’t want to miss a thing.

The First 1K Followers

Gaining followers was never my goal with Instagram. It is great though reaching some milestones, but I think if you keep things genuine and true, the numbers will eventually come. To reach 1k I simply spent a lot of time discovering new, exciting profiles and engaging with them through comments and likes.

If people like your profile and like you, they’ll start to follow you and engage back. You’ll soon hit 1k in no time.

Hitting 5K

There was never any different tactics involved with reaching 5k. I simply remained consistent, engaged with followers and improved my captions so that they were personal and made people want to comment.

Again, the method was no different to 1k. I’d like to think it was a bit easier due to the fact I now had consistency and the overall feel for my profile had started to take shape, plus I had content and it’s easier to engage with a developed page.

I spent some time checking out hashtags and made sure to use relevant, niche hashtags associated to what I was about. I also made sure to range these from small, really niche, to big, popular ones like #dadlife for example.

Engaging The Followers

This question still alludes me. Sometimes I post what I think is a ‘blockbuster’ post and it falls flat. Other times I post a quick, thoughtless post and it strikes a cord with a lot of followers. Here are some pointers I can give though:

  1. Be relatable
    People have opinions, especially on topics they’ve got first-hand experience with, so it’ll be easier for them to engage and join in.
  2. Be personal
    People watch soaps for a reason. Posting daily is no different. A small insight into someone’s world is a very interesting thing (I’m guilty for it too. Used to love a bit of Made in Chelsea).
  3. Engage back
    A conversation is a two-way thing. If someone comments on your post, make sure to comment back. Go have a look at their profile, leave them a comment or two. It really works (and it introduces you to some lovely, nice people too!).
  4. Captions
    Photos generally don’t prompt any worthwhile replies, but if you ask a question of tell a story, people are able to relate with that and engage back. Good solid captions make a MASSIVE difference.

Planning The Posts

I don’t plan too much. I just post between the times that works for me. I have experimented with times and still have hit or miss days, but I think I’ve found what works for me.

One tip I’d give is to look at similar profiles. If you notice a few profiles posting at the same then it must be for a reason. Try posting at their time to see if it helps you.

Other than that. I try and follow and rough plan for posting photos. Sometimes I’ll capture a relevant photo that I’ll just post instantly but usually, I’ve planned a few days in advance. For the captions however, I usually leave these till the day — just so I can write about my day and treat my posts as diary entries.

Producing The Photos

For scenes I chat with the missus and devise some sort of plan. To be honest, she’s way better at this than I am and usually comes up with the best scenes and plans. I also spend some time exploring beautiful profiles which helps me up my game.

I produce most my photos on my Google Pixel, then I import them into VSCO and apply some custom filters and preset levels. I like to keep my photos on the cool side, so the temperature slider is my best friend. I also reduce the contrast and up the fade to make them a little softer.

I also use an app that lets you see what your Instagram feed would look like in the future. I use this heavily as to maintain a consistent feel, you need to be able to see your full drawer in the future.

The First Experience Of Paid Post

The first experience of paid posts was actually through Buzzweb. I pitched to a brand called PODISTA who were needing someone to advertise their hot chocolate capsules for Nespresso machines.

It went well. Buzzweb is superbly easy to use so it was a breeze. The whole process was smooth and the dialogue between the brand and myself was great. It was a great introduction to paid campaigns with brands.

The main thing I was worried about was the reception from my followers. How were my followers going to react? Would they think I sold out? Well, turned out it wasn’t even a concern. Everyone was supportive and no one questioned my reasonings for the ad — which really was the best possible outcome.

Tracking Results

I don’t depend on any analytical data, surprisingly. I mean it’s great to see the data, graphs and pie charts, but in practice, I’m yet to really extract anything worthwhile.

Saying that, I do have a business IG account which gives me all the data I need. I also have a Squarelovin account that gives you information relating to your follower count, engagement levels and growth charts. It’s good to have, but I’m yet to find a use for it all (oh it’s free too!).

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