Top Marketing Trends For 2018

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Since the future has a repetitive nature, just like history, it’s best to be prepared for what’s coming, rather than to just float downstream. With the right tools prepared in advance, you’ll be able to achieve the best results. So here are top marketing trends for 2018 we believe will have the biggest impact on your brand awareness and sales.

Integrating Influencer Marketing Into Customer Experience Strategy

This is just one of the influencer marketing trends that shows that influencer marketing keeps growing, and 2018 will become the year of its most rapid progress.

Today we classify influencers into celebrities, mega, macro, and micro influencer categories. 2017 is considered the year of micro influencers, whereas 2018 is expected to be a revolutionary year, fusing all four categories along with such word-of-mouth strategies as loyalty, advocacy, and referral programs. This new 360-degree approach will result in an integrated customer experience strategy that encompasses many elements.

The core objective of influencer marketing is to create emotional touch-points between the audience and the brand, as well as to press the right “buttons” to evoke the consumer’s loyalty.

According to this theory, an all-encompassing marketing strategy should combine the following points of a customer experience journey:

  • Create awareness — celebrity, mega, and macro influencers are the ones you need to cover new product releases, write compelling stories and content for your brand.
  • Boost the interest — this can be achieved through a well-conceived series of valuable content that will be useful for the customers. Mega, macro, and micro influencers are the most efficient means to work on this.
  • Act — the leads from social media channels are converted into sales owing to the efforts of micro influencers.
  • Provide advocacy — the art of turning your happy customers into ambassadors. They will become your word-of-mouth influencers of the “micro“ category.

As a result, integrated influencer marketing can reduce the costs of other, more costly advertising channels and at the same time win the priceless loyalty of the customers. Generally speaking, this point will probably be one of the major influencer marketing trends in 2018, which many brands will try to follow.

The End Of Traditional Marketing Campaigns And A New Beginning For Modular Marketing

There’s a chance that traditional marketing campaigns will go extinct like mammoths. Replaceable modular offers, themes, messages, as well as technology-based solutions like AI, AR & VR are gradually replacing traditional marketing.

Unlike identical marketing campaigns of the past, marketing experts will most probably shift towards the flexible approach allowed by modular marketing.

Efficient In-Store Marketing

Although in-store marketing is not that easy, it worth the effort because it prompts more purchases while the customer is walking around the retail store.

You can “hook” the consumers by informing them about ongoing sales, promotions, digital coupons and more sales stuff. Successful in-store marketing requires a combination of analytical skills, mobile or e-marketing tools, location technology and, most certainly, classic marketing.

Furthermore, according to the Digital Marketing Institute, approximately 75% of millennials like receiving location-based notifications.

Social Media Marketing With All Its Opportunities

Social media trends is a topic for a separate blog post. We can only mention there are rumors that 2018 has the chance to FINALLY become the year with the highest social media potential.

It’s a well-known fact that marketing in social media typically has high ROI with relatively low costs. For instance, having your promo or challenge covered on Facebook’s News Feed can provide a considerable coverage of your audience. You can even fine-tune the target audience for greater efficiency of the post by narrowing it down.

Social media has all that it needs to make your news go viral. This is one of the main tools that marketing influencers use, and they are pros in these types of promos. Otherwise, they would have never become social marketing influencers. At the same time, it looks like the future of influencer marketing will be all about social media.

The next tip will be helpful for the brands striving for coverage. Treat your social media audience as a privileged group of potential customers. This way of thinking will allow you to come up with attractive promos and discounts specifically for the social media segment. As a result, you will multiply your ROI and simplify the task for marketing influencers working for you.

B2B Influencer Marketing 2018 — Keep Rising

B2B social channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others deliver the results that drive traffic to the website along with quality leads. Isn’t that the main objective of your marketing plan?

In fact, many influencers have proven the efficiency of their posts. Just a video combined with an inspiring article can be powerful enough to generate a new wave of sales.

The long-term strategy should focus on building B2B relationships, which will help the marketers and influencers combine their efforts and objectives. Ideally, the objectives of influencers should be aligned with your business objectives. These strategies will certainly determine the future of influencer marketing in the long run.

Chatbots Are Becoming Smarter And Smarter

The times when chatbots were obviously robotic are almost gone. Today we can see a lot of chatbots that can successfully deal with customers, resolving their issues in a very amiable, human and, most importantly, efficient way.

If you don’t have a chatbot on your website, consider obtaining this service next year. One of the main features to consider is the character of your live chat agent.

Although chatbots are not one of the influencer marketing tools, they can save you money. Once you have additional funds, you can focus on improving your marketing plan and diversifying your marketing influencers.

Establishing Strong Relationships With Social Media Influencers

Once the brands have an understanding that influencer marketing is the future, they will adapt their main strategies in a way that will prioritize the influencers’ requests and agenda.

Influencer relations can help the brands identify what evokes the greatest response from the audience, which promos and content are the most effective and so on. Therefore, we recommend that you not only nurture your current influencers but also seek out recognized and well-established ones. Having found the proper for your brand influencers, you’ll rock in the niche of influencer marketing 2018.

Given that brands are currently experimenting with more new ways to get connected with new audiences, we believe that these offline and online marketing trends will have a great impact on your brand strategy in the upcoming year. Follow them to run the best influencer marketing campaigns. And remember to check out Buzzweb influencer network in order to find influencers proper for your brand for free. Good luck!

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