Study: The Influence Of Instagram On Purchase Decisions

Last Updated: 22.08.2017 14:41

72% of Instagrammers state they have made a fashion- or beauty-related purchase after seeing the product on Instagram, according to recent research from Dana Rebecca Designs.

Long ago, it was movie celebrities that dictated what was stylish and сhic. Soon enough, famous fashion catalogs and magazines showcased the latest looks across the covers on a seasonal schedule. 

Then the Internet and social media platforms happened which has led its top content creators to command social media users that number in the millions.

So, today it’s social media influencers who decide what is fashionable and what is out of fashion. And it is their posts that make their followers go and buy a nice bracelet, trendy sneakers, or a “must-have” lipstick. 

The infographics below is based on data from a survey of 2,000 Instagram users. 63% of respondents consider themselves to be “fashion-forward.” And a whopping 85% of respondents follow style-, fashion-, and lifestyle-focused Instagram pages.

Let’s have a look.

Pay attention to the fact that only 18% of respondents state they use the “Shop Now” option, which directs a potential customer to the product page on a brand’s website. That means advertisers should partner with Instagram influencers, or integrate the platform into their own landing or shopping pages, to benefit from this trend currently.

For brands, partnering with Instagram inspiring travelers, talented fashionistas, and creative makeup artists is now the most effective way to reach and engage with potential customers who spend hours each day on Instagram and look to top influencers to make purchasing decisions.

Social media influencers are role models for their followers. That is why collaborating with them and doing paid Instagram posts can grow your brand’s publicity and sales.

After all, consumers are much more likely to be responsive to recommendations from a person they know and respect over corporate messaging.

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