Skills The Influencer Should Borrow From Game Of Thrones Characters

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While the world is discussing the Game of Thrones new season, a good idea occurred to us that some characters incredible skills may be useful for any influencer to become more popular. So why not have a closer look at them and learn some lessons from Tyrion Lannister’s ability to get the gist of things or the network of spies of Lord Varys?

Arya Stark: Learn New

Arya’s storyline alone would be enough for a good thriller. She is constantly moving and always changing herself. Each day brings her something new and she is ready to accept every new knowledge and put it to practice. From moving to King’s Landing and learning fighting she gets through a set of other experiences, both physical and spiritual. She comes to Braavos and then ends up at the Frey’s castle to show that she’s totally another kind of person she used to be back home in Winterfell when Robert Baratheon arrived there to invite Ned Stark to be the Hand of the King.

Getting into something new is a nice habit for Instagram influencer or other social media platform blogger. A new subject which you never thought to be of interest to you (molecular biology? quantum physics?), a new course (Chinese language, for example) or just traveling to a new place would do you good even if you will find nothing for your blogging business. Broaden your horizons, and they will get you somewhere.

Lord Varys: Collaborate With Insiders

If you wanted to read a blog publishing all The Seven Kingdom’s secrets, it obviously would be a blog of Lord Varys. It would be no problem for him to be the first to reveal the name of Jon Snow’s mother or the design of a new iPhone. He knows everything in detail.

How does he do it? That’s simple — he just has spies spread all over the area. OK, you might argue it’s more investigative journalism than blogging, and we would agree, but only to some degree. We don’t say you have to recruit spies, but you could get insiders, a person who loves to tell secrets. It’s dimplier than you think. Most companies have employees who can not keep their mouth shut, let alone to get paid for information. A publication of a new product that was supposed to be presented only in a month will undoubtedly attract huge traffic.

Jaime The Kingslayer Lannister: Do Something Outstanding

Jaime is absolutely unhappy with being named the Kingslayer despite the fact that he executed his mad boss to save the city and people. He is known and treated like an assassin, though he has many other titles and ranks, his dissatisfaction is explainable. No, we’re not suggesting you take a sword and kill someone bad, rather think of doing something unusual to be a folklore is definitely worthwhile. Imagine people talking about your blog as “this is the blog of that guy\girl who…” refused to shake hands with Obama, gave away $100 bills to the worst participants of a school poetry contest, burn his/hers own diploma to win $1,000 in a bet to spend them on helping homeless people.

People may never be interested in topics you write about, but they can visit your social media profile because of “it’s that person who…” This helps to become one of the top marketing influencers and helps you gain advertising contracts on Buzzweb as well.

Samwell Tarly: Find Interesting And Useful Content

The main lesson we could learn from fat, clumsy and shy Sam is that you can be bad in almost all respects, but if these are things you’re good at, then you’ve got your niche. Sam’s niche is reading, or to be more clear, the right reading. Being a qualified researcher gets an influencer a treasure trove of information which lays just beneath the surface, but nobody knows about it. Nobody, but you.

Reading and working with the proper sources is key to finding information that can change the course of events or, in our case, give us a hint about hot topic for publication and that will attract followers. That is how influencer marketing works. So, why not check out grandmother’s bookshelves or pay a visit to a neighboring library? And no, not every book is available on the Internet as you might have thought.

Tyrion Lannister: Pay Attention To Others, Not Yourself

The dwarf would be a superb stand-up comic. His hasty and funny remarks and comments would be spreading immediately through thousands of Twitter accounts, as they do now. What’s behind his joyful brilliant wit? We think that Tyrion is forced to survive due to his low stature in the world of high people and he has developed some skills needed for that. He is very acute and sees what others cannot see. He pays attention to the world around him, not to his own desires. He sees other people’s strengths and weaknesses and it enables him to play his dirty tricks and manipulate them. What’s important for us is that his increased thoughtfulness gives him the ability to raise unexpected subjects — unexpected for his counterparts and the audience.

Be careful and look around, pay attention to details, note where others are weak or strong and you will always have something to surprise your followers and also to gain new ones.

Enjoy the Game of Thrones new season and note what skills help each character to stay alive, as influencer marketing is also a hard competition — for your followers love.


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