3 Types Of Social Proof Marketing To Use In Social Media

Last Updated: 11.12.2017 16:35

Do you want to build a trust-based relationship with your clients? Social proof allows to provide clients with the most credible information about the business and your product. You can rely on social proof for significantly increasing consumer activity and feedback.

Social proof isn’t anything new. From the psychological point of view, we tend to follow the majority, since we want to conform to the society’s norms. The more people take a certain action, the more worthwhile this action will seem to us.

So, finally, here are the three ways to begin using social proof marketing in social media.

Publish Your Clients’ Reviews

The best way to reinforce social proof is to publish clients’ reviews in your social media accounts, this way the visitors will see them when they visit your page.

Use Photo Reviews

As marketers, we know that people prefer a text with vibrant illustrations, which makes Instagram the perfect platform to display a review with a picture to top it off. Fitness guru @thebodycoach uses Instagram to present testimonials of clients who used his training program.

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This tactic can work for a business in any field. That is why the next time you receive a testimonial from a client, transform its text into a tempting illustration with visual editing tools, i.e. Canva, and watch the reaction of your Instagram followers.

Allow Your Followers To Leave Comments On Your Facebook Page

Facebook allows clients to leave reviews on business pages. To turn reviews on for your Page: Click Settings at the top of your Page. Click Edit Page in the left column. Scroll down and click Add a Tab. Click Add Tab next to Reviews.

Use Reviews In Advertising

Launching a targeted social media advertising campaign may help you appeal to those who already have an interest in your brand. The idea is that after their visit to your website and/or examination of the provided product, you can engage this group of people in order to motivate them to return.

Many companies use reviews in their ads in order to demonstrate social proof and influence the purchase decision. Pawnstruck, for example, often displays customers’ reviews in their stories.

One of testimonial advertising examples

Use Numbers

When people search for information about your company, facts, or to be more precise — numbers will be the most helpful to them in making a decision.

Here is a great example from Dropbox.

Trust based relationship post

And here’s the information that will make your efforts more convincing:

  • How many people are already using your services? This will demonstrate the demand for your brand’s products.
  • For how many years have you been on the market? This will serve as proof of your reliability.
  • Which states/countries/cities do you supply your product to? This will show the level of trust in your brand.
  • How much of the new product was sold in the first week since its launch? This will urge your social network audience to join those who already bought it.

Team Up With Top Social Media Influencers

Opinion leaders have a significant influence on their followers and may prove useful for your business as well. 72% of Instagram users make beauty and fashion purchases after seeintop influencersg a product on a blogger’s page. Also, according to a recent Twitter study, 40% of its users made a purchase as a result of seeing a related tweet by one of the top influencers. Thus, teaming up with top social media influencers will make it easier for you to create social proof.

Check out the Buzzweb influencers discovery tool and its top influencers, and you’re likely to find opinion leaders who coincide with your brand values. Offer them free samples or financial rewards in exchange for mentioning your brand.

Use social proof in your marketing strategy. This way you’ll be able to build a trust-based relationship with your target audience and influence it.

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