The Best Time To Post On Instagram

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If you post when your audience is most active on Instagram, you’re more likely to drive engagement on that post. That engagement translates into Instagram raising your post to the top-9, which, in its turn, results in even more engagement on your post.

It’s a cyclical process: higher engagement leads to more visibility, which leads to higher engagement, which leads to more visibility, and so on. And it all starts with when you post on Instagram. That is why posting at the right time is a key to growing your followers and gaining popularity.

So, when is the best time to post on Instagram? In a poll by Later over 50% of social media managers said this is the lunch time from 11am—1pm and evenings from 7—9pm.

And in a more recent study, Hopper has found that the best time to post on Instagram is between 6pm and 7:30pm during the week and around 11am on the weekend, which is quite similar to Later findings.

However, each Instagram page has its unique followers that are in different time zones. That is why you should determine the best posting time yourself. And here are six tips that might help you.

1. Post more during off-work hours instead of during the day

When do you find yourself checking Instagram the most? Probably not during the work day, but when you’re leaving the office, or you’re already home watching a TV show or dining with your family.

By the way, in case your page is devoted to entertainments, parenting, or food, dining time might be your prime time. Or you can also check out the breakfast time.

2. Weekends can be hit-or-miss

This depends on your target audience. B2C businesses will likely see better results when posting on weekends than B2B businesses, since lots of companies only operate during the week.

In case you are a travel, food, or beauty influencer, weekends is your prime time. And if your page is devoted to business try some other days.

3. Save the important posts for Wednesdays 

Average Instagram engagement does shift depending on the day. According to Later’s another research, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to drive the most engagement, while Mondays drive the least. Buzzweb experience also proves that.

However, you need to experiment with A/B testing to find your best days, as the differences are slight.

Source: Later

4. Avoid 3pm, but don’t be afraid to experiment

Weekdays between 3 and 4pm usually drives the worst engagement, because most of the social media users are busy at work at that time. However, there is a feedback from some Instagram influencers and social media managers with large audiences on both the west and east coast that 4pm EST was their best time to post on Instagram.

It’s a sweet spot that is near the end of the work day for east coast, and also lunch time on the west coast. 8pm EST would be another sweet spot to test out if your audience falls into this category.

Saturday. Source: Later

Sunday. Source: Later

5. Analyze the posting schedule of similar to your pages

Check out the posting time of Instagram influencers that have similar to you profiles. If they are posting at the same time then it must be for a reason. Try posting at their time and see if it helps you.

For example, an Instagram influencer @Makeupshayla stated in her interview: “I tend to do better in the evening. I’ll do around two, 5—6 pm and 9 pm”.

6. Find your top time zones

Let’s imagine that you’re on your vacation in a city on the west coast, but most of your followers are in New York on the east coast. While 9pm might be one of the prime times to post to Instagram, you would actually want to try posting at 6pm PST / 9pm EST, because most of your subscribers are asleep by the time it’s 9pm on the west coast.

And what if you’re located in London and the essential part of your followers are in New York? Note that the time difference between these two cities is 5 hours. Hong Kong and New York? 12 hours. That’s an important tip for international companies and travel influencers.

Posting at the right time boosts your engagement, help you to gain new followers, and let you earn money on Instagram. Just follow our tips to find the best posting time for your page.

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