The New Instagram Algorithm: 4 Factors That Determine The Fate Of Your Posts

Last Updated: 02.03.2018 14:45
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As you know, Instagram algorithms are altered as soon as the users figure out how they work. So, a new Instagram algorithm was launched in the end of January 2018. While all the changes used to be published in the Instagram blog, now in order to find the description of new functions and algorithms you have to sift through all of the information in the help center. And you won’t necessarily find it.

Instagram Audience Quality

The first and principal change in the Instagram algorithm is that after posting the content it is shown to only 10% of your followers. They evaluate the new content – like, comment and demonstrate interest, paying attention for a certain amount of time. If the new post receives a significant amount of attention in the first few minutes, it will be shown to the remaining 90% of your followers.

This allows to determine whether to demonstrate the ‘uninteresting’ content to the remaining followers or not. It’s a useful function when on the first snow day, or when a bright sunrise lights up the city, or a mom photographs her baby for a thousandth time.

But it’s not a good thing for influencers. The 1/10 may be comprised of bot accounts, mass followers and commercial accounts, which are not as active and mostly ignore the posts of the accounts they are subscribed to. This will make your content invisible to your true fans.

And it means that you have to clear your account of unwanted, useless followers and pay a special attention to your Instagram audience quality. Instagram audience quality is the key to your engagement and the amount of sponsors.

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Meaningful Comments

The second change concerns comments. You often receive comments from bot accounts, such as ‘Great pic,’ ‘Wonderful,’ ‘Love it,’ ‘Beautiful,’ and so on. These will no longer count as activity in your profile. If you write such comments in your friends’ accounts, they won’t count there either. Only 4-word and longer comments are considered profile activity by the new algorithm.

Unique Hashtags

The third change is related to hashtags. Hashtags are incredibly useful if you need to find a photo from a mass event or just a sunset picture. And hashtags have also been affected by the alterations. In the past, you could and should have used up to 30 tags in one post, but now it will be considered spam. The new algorithm actively promotes your post if it has 5 unique hashtags. Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again, otherwise your post may end up in the shadows, and will not be shown to the audience. Also, hashtags written in the comments to the post will no longer appear in the search results. Hashtags have to be right in the body of the post.

Do It Right The Fist Time

The fourth adjustment concerns editing. Don’t edit your post in the first 24 hours after publication. Editing lowers the chances of your post being shown to your audience. Restoration works in exactly the same manner. If you delete your post and then restore it, it will not be shown, for the same reason it will be ignored after editing.

Final Words

Recently Instagram made an astonishing revelation that it is now catering to 1 billion users, as a result, its potential to reach the right audience has also increased multifold.

60% of users learn about a product or service on Instagram. While a study published by Forrester Research revealed that users on Instagram are 58% more likely to engage (follow, like, or comment) with the brands they follow, as compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. That is why this social media platform can be great place for bloggers to earn and for brands to grow their sales and brand awareness.

At the same time you can see the new Instagram algorithm is very simple and transparent. Tricks that were successful in the past don’t work any more. Follow new rules to get greater engagement, more followers, and sponsors.


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