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What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing focuses on using social influencers to drive brand’s message to its potential clients. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, advertiser chooses suitable influencers and hires them to get out the word for its audience.
  • Key components of Influencer Marketing

    Advertiser needs several components to build his influencer campaign. These are the proper influencers, qualitative content and good analytics.

    What does “proper” mean? You should have no bots and your followers should be highly engaged. Your profile should be relevant for the brand’s sphere. If you are a lifestyle influencer you could get paid for telling your followers about a new restaurant, a singer or a book.

    What does “qualitative content” mean? You should help your advertiser to create a great content that your followers will like. Generate suggestions to get sponsors’ attention.

    What does “good analytics” mean? That’s about the platform where you meet a sponsor. Choose the one that offers to measure the campaign efficiency: reach, engagements, sales. So that advertiser can see your efficiency and collaborate with you further.

  • How to earn money?

    Just tell your followers about the brands you like!

    If you have more than 5k followers sign up to Buzzweb and fill in your profile. Then apply for the brand campaign you like or accept an invitation from a brand. Prepare a draft post, approve it with your sponsor and publish. Now get paid!

    You can apply for as many campaigns as you wish. The more you apply - the more you earn. The only limitation is the relevance of your profile to the brand’s product.

    And don’t forget about the bonus - to create a content you usually receive products from advertisers for free.