How do you start working and getting orders?

Last Updated: 18.10.2017 16:00

You can select the available campaigns in the Orders section in your Buzzweb influencer account. Just browse through the offers and apply to the ones you like.

You can view the campaign details to see if the offer would be relevant to your social media followers. The most important things to consider are the Geo and Category (niche) which a brand is targeting.

While applying, don’t forget to write down a Reward you expect to receive. The price per post is determined by you as you create the content. If you are new to this, you can by guided by a price automatically calculated in your Profile section. Please note that it’s solely based on your amount of followers, so you also need to evaluate your engagement. The more likes and comments your posts collect, the higher the price per post — it’s a universal rule which never fails.

Anyway, you will discuss the terms of a deal with an advertiser, including the reward per post. So later on, you can adjust the price depending on the sponsored post content and other advertiser’s requirements.

Click Apply and tell an advertiser a few words about you in a message. After applying, just sit back and relax. The advertiser will review the applications and contact you when they decide to proceed. We’ll send you an email notification, so you won’t miss their response.

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