What do you need to start collaborating with brands through Buzzweb

Last Updated: 18.10.2017 15:57

The campaigns on the Buzzweb marketplace are currently available for the influencers who meet the following requirements:

  • at least 5000 followers
  • at least 70 posts
  • a good engagement rate

The brands expect influencers to have a good following so that more people can learn about their products. 5000 subscribers provide a reach that can help the brand to meet its goals.

In case you are wondering why we need 70 posts, there are a lot of Instagram accounts with many followers and little to none content. We know that there are tools to boost the following without engaging people. So, we want to see the history of your account and evaluate likes and comments under your posts over time.   

Finally, I guess you’ve already heard about an engagement rate and why it’s so important for the brands. Our algorithm measures the engagement of your audience, and we show this rate to the advertisers. Note that the brands value the active followers and the terms of a deal depend on it.

Don’t have the needed amount of followers? Don’t worry! We keep all the registered influencers in our database and as soon as your account meets the requirements, we’ll send you a notification 😉

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