Get rid of fake followers on Instagram.
Track followers and get insights about
your audience and engagement rate.

Get rid of fake followers
Bots and mass followers significantly lower the engagement rate due to Instagram algorithms. You can identify such accounts with our tool and block them. This will allow to notably raise your engagement rate. Which means that you’ll raise the price of your sponsored post.
Get rid of fake followers
Account monitoring
Monitor your key account indicators, such as the number of followers, growth speed, follows/unfollows and engagement rate. Following their dynamic changes will allow you to see which of your actions produced maximum effect.
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Post popularity
See how the number of likes, comments and engagement rate change from post to post in order to understand which posts are better received by your target audience and to what extent.
See posts popularity
Audience insights
Learn about your core audience. Where these users are from, how old they are, are they male or female, what language they speaks and what brands they are into. This will allow you to target your posts better. As well as will help you make your account a lot more efficient.
Get your audience insights (for free)
Find out who unfollowed you. Get everything under control. Find out who followed you. We’ll inform you whether it’s a quality follower, a mass follower or even a bot, and you’ll be able to secure your account.
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Instagram analytics for bloggers
Get rid of fake followers. Track followers and get insights about your audience and engagement rate.
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