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Analyze Instagram Account Of Any Blogger And Choose The Best

While Instagram is growing with an enormous speed and faster than other social media platforms, it attracts even greater attention from the brands and social media influencers who specialize in Instagram.

Just compare these stunning numbers provided by a study from Instagram Marketing Guide, created by X-cart. In the 3-year period between 2014 and 2017, Facebook has grown by 57%, YouTube by 50% and Instagram by bloody 357%. At the same time, approximately 75% of users base their purchase decisions on something they saw on Instagram, according to Retail Dive.

Furthermore, as an international digital agency R2Integrated proved once again in its recent study, is that Instagram users tend to trust bloggers more than brands. As a result, more and more brands are looking for social media influencers to help them sell and get promoted.

According to X-cart, 70% of top brands from all different industries are already successfully using influencer marketing. Of course, smaller brands can see influencer marketing as a quick way to achieve the desired results, too. So, the question is – what’s stopping you from using Instagram influencers?

There are several options:

  • lack of knowledge about this channel,
  • lack of reliable tools which can analyze Instagram accounts of the bloggers and provide trustworthy statistics of the results,
  • and rumors or your own experience with ineffective bloggers.

All these reasons can be cleared away if you consider using a tool offered by Buzzweb. It analyzes Instagram accounts for real quality indicators and provides you with a detailed report free of charge.

Furthermore, some Instagram influencers have a history of cooperation with other brands, and real reviews from them, which cannot be compromised. And on top of this, Buzzweb offers its own smart grading system which assesses each influencer by a number of criteria and offers an easy-to-use tool for choosing the right and reliable bloggers for your brand, who have already proven their effectiveness.

After launching an account check, you will see the following results:

  • blogger’s grade from A+ to N/A;
  • quality of their audience (real versus bots/fake followers ratio);
  • audience insights in terms of geographical location, sex and age;
  • engagement rate with average numbers of likes and comments.

No registration is needed, unless you want to get more profound analytics or multiple reports. Then you can register for free.

Considering that our rates vary from A+ to N/A, we strongly recommend working with bloggers who have A+, A and B ratings. Also, we have to warn you that some accounts will not show any results during the check, and this might be the case because they chose to close their statistics off from the public eye. Hence, dealing with them is not recommended.

You can find more recommendations on how to interpret the results of Buzzweb audit in «Instagram Audit Free» article.

As a result, you will see a transparent picture of each Instagram influencer, which is backed up by real results. By using the Buzzweb tool, you can diversify your influencers by their size and have many of them working for you at the same time. Let the right and trusted bloggers bring you fruitful results.


Analyze Instagram account of any blogger for free