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Best Fashion Blogs: Promote Your Brand

If you are looking for new channels to get into millennials’ minds and make them aware of your products, then the best fashion blogs may be a good idea for you.

Independent web-sites, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram fashion blogs — there is a great variety of platforms where you can find popular influencers for your brand’s mention, product review or promo giveaway.

Today, let’s talk about how to work with Instagram’s best fashion blogs, since its 500 million of daily active users offer a huge advertising opportunity.

Best Fashion Blogs: Choosing

With the help of Buzzweb, you can review all of the best fashion blogs on Instagram for free. As well as check out your blogger’s engagement rate, audience and their grade according to the Buzzweb rating.

When picking the bloggers pay attention to the following things:

1. “Best” here is not only about the numbers. It it also about a blogger’s quality. His/her performance, which is measured by the average number of likes and comments they receive per post; and his/her audience quality, which is measured by the ratio of their active followers, followers the blogger might have bought and bots. That is each blogger in the list has a Buzzweb rating from F to A, and there is A+ rating for phenomenal bloggers you absolutely should work with if you want to attain great results.

2. Imagine the author of the blog using your product in their daily life. Do they fit each other? Could they have bought it themselves? As a test, you can send all of the bloggers you are considering your product samples and ask them how they feel about them. If their opinions correlates with your brand’s mission or product concept — then their authors are your match.

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Best Fashion Blogs: Working On Content

  1. Analyse a blogger’s best posts. What are their characteristics? What geotag and hashtags has the blogger used? Was it a giveaway post or a recollection of a funny story that had happened to them? At what time did they post? Make your content similar, but don’t forget about your business goals. Ask the blogger to add a link to a proper landing page to their bio and mention your own IG page in your sponsored post.
  2. Provide your blogger with a sample of your product, so that they would be able to take an attractive pic. Make your logo is clearly visible in it.
  3. Another important point here is honesty. So, collect phrases and adjectives you would like the blogger to describe your product with, but give them the freedom to share their own thoughts on it. The audience will feel it and trust such an authentic message more.
  4. Make sure your blogger won’t post about your competitors one month before your sponsored post and one month after publishing it. This will look strange and can embarrass their followers.
  5. Agree with the blogger that they won’t ignore negative comments on your post, but will answer them in a positive tone, trying to turn product disadvantages (if there are any) into advantages.

Instead Of A Conclusion

If your have chosen the proper influencer — their followers will definitely give you valuable feedback or provide you with good questions to consider. That is why you shouldn’t forget to collect the post’s statistics and read all the comments on it. This will help you make your future posts better, as well as influence your marketing strategy in general and improve your product.