Best Instagram Influencers: Tips To Pick And Collaborate

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Best Instagram Influencers: Guide To Work With

Best Instagram influencers, like fitness guru @sommerray or traveling blogger @beaalbero, are the perfect channel to grow hype around your brand and increase its publicity and sales. Crowds of your potential clients are listening to such bloggers with self-made fame that has been gained over the years. According to a study, 72% of Instagrammers state they have made a fashion- or beauty-related purchase after seeing the product on Instagram. So, why not make use of it?

Only because you don’t know how to work with them. Just think about all those fake influencers and mismatches of a brand’s key messages and the blogger’s image. We mean that every marketing channel has its peculiarities and that is why should be used with the care.

Pepsi marketing team has deleted the clip with one of America’s best Instagram influencers Kendall Jenner in 24 hours after release. And Kendall asked for her followers’ forgiveness.

That is why today we will talk about things that are essential, while choosing social media influencers that will help your brand achieve its goals. And we have 7 such things for you to consider. But first of all, let’s discuss how to find best Instagram influencers.

Best Instagram Influencers: Where To Find

Buzzweb offers you to choose bloggers for your influencer marketing campaign among best Instagram influencers all over the world for free.

After you find the influencers you like, you can get a transparent rating for their account, based on the candid data, including engagement rate, performance, audience quality and reachability. You can check out whether they have fake likes and followers.


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Best Instagram Influencers: 7 Tips To Run Your Campaign

  1. Check out the blogger’s audience quality. It wouldn’t make sense for you if they deliver your message to the crowds of bots that care about nothing in this life.
  2. Find our the blogger’s and his/her audience brand affinity. If the blogger won’t use your product or service in their daily life — their audience won’t believe their post. In turn, if the blogger’s audience also won’t use your product or service in its daily life — you will just throw away your marketing budget.
  3. Study the blogger’s most popular posts. Those that have collected the most likes and comments. Make sure that the promo post you have planned is similar to them. Usually that means that it has same geotag, is written in the same manner, executed in the same colors, etc.
  4. Choose the best posting time. Ask your blogger when most of their audience is online and when it is the most active. This will help you drive up engagement of your promo post and get more reach.
  5. Get more attention to your content by providing your blogger with a promo code that guarantees his/her followers discounts or souvenirs. Or send him/her your free samples to hold a giveaway. According a study by Tailwind, 91% of Instagram posts with over 1 000 comments are related to a giveaway or contest.
  6. Don’t forget to collect all the statistics for your post within a month of its publication. This will help you sum up the effect and evaluate how close you came to your goal and what you might have missed.
  7. Recall the AIDA model that’s well-known to marketers: attention, interest, desire, action. According to Buzzweb statistics any influencer marketing campaign should include at least 10 promo posts. Even if you work with the best Instagram influencers.