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Best Social Media Influencers: Picking And Collaborating

The best social media influencers can significantly boost your brand awareness and sales. Just take a close look at search trends for “best social media influencers” to get an idea of the scale of their popularity. In particular, the number of searches for “Instagram influencer” tripled between 2016 and 2017. In the same period, internet users began searching for “influencer marketing” twice as often. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that advertisers are flocking to the best social media influencers on Instagram to grow their popularity and sales.

However, as the web is crawling with fake influencers, finding the right ones is no easy task. Here at Buzzweb we have picked the best social media influencers among thousands of bloggers for the telecom, food and beverage, ICO, and gaming industries’ influencer marketing campaigns. Here are our tips to make your job easier.


To find the best social media influencers you can use Buzzweb search and audit tool. It is absolutely free.

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After you have found the influencers you think you want to collaborate with, do the following:

  1. Check out whether the influencer you are considering for your campaign has real influence. Have they bought their followers, or cheated the likes and comments system? How active are their followers? How many bots do they have?

    Buzzweb is able to check all this out for free. You get a detailed report that includes blogger’s audience quality, engagement rate, and their grade according to the Buzzweb rating.

  2. Think whether your potential brand ambassadors are aligned with your brand values. Can you imagine them and their followers using your product in their daily lives? Could this blogger have bought your product themselves? If the answer to both questions is yes, that is your type of person.
  3. Check out how the blogger answers questions asked in the comments on previous promo posts, especially inconvenient ones. Are they able to work through negative opinions of the product? Can they deal with hostile attitudes? Guarding the brand is an important task of its ambassador.


  1. A key aspect in collaboration is content creation. On the one hand the post has to be authentic, so as not to make followers uneasy or suspicious. On the other hand it should help you achieve your marketing goals and should contain your key message and call to action, as well as present your logo so that it will become familiar to the Instagram audience. That is why it is best to provide your influencer with guidelines, including keywords and phrases he should use in the caption and examples of the pictures you prefer.
  2. There is one more trick for achieving content efficiency. To drive as much engagement as possible, choose five of the blogger’s posts that were liked and commented on most. What unites them? Is it a common theme? A captions style? Were these posts in the format of an image or video? Find the similarities and add them to your guidelines.

    Your guidelines with basic brand requirements, plus the components of the blogger’s most engaging posts, plus his creative approach and the overall style of his page, is the answer to the challenge of content creation.

  3. Have an agreement with the blogger that they will contact you promptly if they’re not sure how to answer any difficult question or comment. But ask them, when doing so, to send you their own proposed answer. It will be easiest if you send them several samples in advance to test this out.

Final words

Today’s best social media influencers can tell millions of their fans about your product using different formats. By using the right tools and following tips from experienced influencer marketing campaign providers, you can easily avoid all the pitfalls and successfully collaborate with the best social media influencers.

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