Biggest Social Media Influencers: Brief Guide For Brands

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Biggest Social Media Influencers: Helpful Tips

Biggest social media influencers can essentially grow your brand awareness and sales. Now, when you have shaken out the budget on a campaign with them and even chosen several relevant to your brand — what pitfalls should you take into account in order to succeed? Here are 5 of them.


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Five things to discuss before the campaign launch

  1. Are you forgetting to ask for a discount? That might be the first rule of a wise marketer. You can ask for discount because you are ordering more than one post at once, because you are providing the influencer with your product or service, or for the recommendation of the blogger’s candidacy to your colleagues who are in charge of influencer marketing at other companies. Maybe you can think of some other options, this depends on your brand and its status.
  2. Ask the blogger to send you 5 of their best performing posts. Those that gained the most likes, comments, and reach. Analyze them and choose the posts’ features that made them so popular. It is also important to ask the blogger’s thoughts on why exactly these posts attracted so much attention. Rely on the collected information to make your own promo posts as engaging and attractive as possible.
  3. Ask your influencer to show you the drafts of your promo posts in advanced. You will surely need at least a week to polish the captions and pictures. As well as approve it with both your colleagues and the influencer.
    Here at Buzzweb we have noticed that influencers tend to speak about authenticity when they do not agree with any of the sponsor’s corrections. Keep your marketing goals in mind in situations like these. If the post or picture requirements don’t correspond to the blogger’s style, it means your brand character doesn’t correspond to the blogger’s character. Which, in turn, means that this is not your kind of influencer. They won’t use your product in their daily life. Moreover, that means their followers won’t either.
  4. Agree in advance that the influencer will track and answer all the comments on your sponsored post. On the one hand, you can prepare a white paper or a FAQ for them, which are related to the themes that are difficult or inconvenient for your brand. On the other hand, it would be better if the influencer could answer honestly, as their followers know them very well and will sense the lie. So, the best solution will lie in the middle: a positive tone and a search for advantages in flaws. And it will work like this if you have chosen the bloggers that really like your brand.
  5. Negotiate for the blogger to provide you with all the promo post statistics after the campaign. According to the experience of Buzzweb campaign managers, 20% of influencers won’t provide your with the posts’ statistics if you haven’t agreed on it prior to campaign launch. As you understand, such statistics is the basis for your marketing process improvements. So, make sure you don’t join those unfortunate 20%.


The last tip for you is to keep in mind that even when employing the biggest social media influencers, it is necessary to create at least 10 posts with their help. Just recall the popular AIDA marketing model : attention, interest, desire, action. So, choose the proper personas for your brand, follow our recommendations and go!