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Blogger Fees: Free Calculator

Сollaborations with social media influencers are replacing traditional ads and are a huge part of a social media strategies today. However, sponsored Instagram post pricing can be confusing. It depends on plenty of factors that are hard to calculate manually, and even more so — to bring them together.

As an example, in case you are a blogger, how would you calculate your followers’ quality or Instagram rating, which form your blogger fees? Or how would you check other accounts’ hidden characteristics in order to compare your fees?

In turn, in case you represent a brand, how would you calculate someone else’s followers’ quality, location or their Instagram rating to choose the proper influencers to work with?

That is where third-party tools come in.

Buzzweb Instagram audit & rating service takes into account all of the blogger’s performance indicators to provide you with the fair price for his post.

Blogger fee calculator: how does it work?

Enter the username of the influencer you are interested in. Wait 5 minutes. And get the basic price per post substantiated with detailed data on the influencer’s account:

  • audience size;
  • audience quality;
  • audience location;
  • engagement rate;
  • niche.


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Blogger fee calculator: niche influencers

So, niche is also a factor that can raise the price of the sponsored post. Why? Niche bloggers, for example those who cover specifically the Human Relations topic, gardening or viniculture, spend more efforts and time on the content creation, thus, their prices can be higher. However, remember that an Instagram blogger with specific knowledge about your business and industry can bring a lot of value to your brand, giving you helpful feedback and asking questions that may not have asked yourself before. That also means less time spent on training the blogger about your product.

Сonversely, there are some general themes like humor or lifestyle, which are less appreciated on Instagram, since there are too many social media influencers that cover them. It means that their post prices are the lowest among all kinds of bloggers.

Blogger fees: what can increase the price?

The following requests can increase the price of the sponsored content that you are going to ask the influencer to create for you:

  • If the blogger has to create not just a pic, but a video devoted to your product;
  • If your want the blogger to test your product thoroughly and post a detailed review;
  • If the blogger has to suggest several versions of images or videos and captions for you to choose from;
  • If the blogger can’t post any content featuring your competitors within a certain period after he has posted your ad;
  • If the blogger has to moderate and respond to comments;
  • If the blogger is holding a giveaway for you, and will need to edit your sponsored posts or make a separate post when the giveaway is over to announce the winners.


Try Buzzweb Sponsored post calculator for Instagram for free