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Check If Instagram Followers Are Real Quick And Free

Instagram continues to grow. In June, 2018 it has reached a major new milestone: 1 billion users. However, this social media platform is overcrowded with bots that won’t buy the product or service you promote, neither will they visit your site or give you any valuable feedback that can help you grow. That makes it important to check whether the Instagram followers of your page or the influencer you would like to collaborate with are real. This is the only way to reach your business goals.

Check if Instagram followers are real? Use Buzzweb free audit service.

Audience quality split as the main real followers indicator

Among the other indicators, Buzzweb reveals the audience quality of any Instagram account that is not private.

In particular, on the right blue graph you can see a person’s:

  • high quality audience, which comprises their real fans liking and commenting each post;
  • regular audience that interacts with his content from time to time;
  • low quality audience, that comprises the bots mentioned above or mass followers concerned only with mutual followings.

The more high-quality audience an account has — the higher is its influence.

Additional indicators in the Buzzweb report that help check whether Instagram followers are real

  1. Engagement rate, which is also a clear indicator of the account’s audience quality. If it is really low — the followers don’t react to the content of the page, which may mean they are fake.
  2. Audience portrait. With the help of this indicator you can also verify whether the page followers are real. For example, if the blogger lives in US, and the majority of his followers is in India — it is most likely he bought them. At the same time he might be targeting Indians on purpose, but this will be clear from his bio. Otherwise, his followers must be Americans.

How the service works

Enter the account’s username you want to check out and wait 5 minutes while the report is being generated.

No registration and sign-ups until you want a more in-depth analysis.

Check if Instagram followers are real for free

Case study

Let’s compare two famous Fitstagrammers with impressive numbers of followers.

First, have a look at the profile of Kayla Itsines, the top and one of the most paid fitness bloggers. Low level of the high quality audience, as well as the low engagement rate don’t let her be a real influencer.

Now look at the report on Jen Selter, who has even more followers but can really engage and motivate them.

  • Kayla’s 909 average comments per post vs. Jen’s 1,6K comments per post.
  • Kayla’s 48K likes per post vs. Jen’s 235K comments per post.
  • Kayla’s 3% of high quality audience which is 300K people vs. Jen’s 4% of high quality audience which is 480K people.

While the larger audience is harder to engage, Jen’s personality is more influential and has real power over Instagram users who are keen on fitness.