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Check Instagram Account & Benefit From Real Influencers

If you haven’t used influencer marketing yet or have used it unsuccessfully, we bet it happened due to the wrong influencers you worked with, who could be low-quality or even fake.

There are businesses that are able to multiply their ROI as many as 11 times according to a study devoted to influencer marketing in 2018 by St. Joseph Communications.

Furthermore, the brands can easily generate $6.50 in revenue for every dollar spent. These amazing figures sound like a super deal, doesn’t it?

However, even Forbes noticed that Instagram has been invaded with low-quality influencers or even so-called influencers, who have a lot of fake followers and likes.

Yet, there are ways to figure out which one is which. For instance, AdWeek offers 3 ways to determine if an Influencer’s impact is real or fake, which is worth reading.

While many articles on the internet discuss the methods of distinguishing a good influencer from a bad one, Buzzweb offers a real transparent tool and categorization based on the previous history of the blogger and its effectiveness, which can not be falsified by any means. You can check anybody’s Instagram account and get a detailed report on the key indicators in 5-10 minutes.

Apart from the smart rating from A+ to N/A grades, you can read the reviews about other brands’ experience of working with a particular influencer.

So, in case you had negative experience with Instagram influencers in the past, this was mainly because you couldn’t find the right people to work with.

The second excuse you might have is the statistics showing that it’s harder to work with 20 micro-influencers versus working with one top influencer. However, it comes back to the question of why it is difficult and, as Entrepreneur has pointed in one of its articles, the reason may be a not very efficient outcome, which leads us to the first issue of choosing the right people to work with. You may not have a large enough budget to hire the top influencers, or it may not be a part of your strategy, yet, if you have a reliable and transparent tool helping you choose and hire the right Instagram influencers, why wouldn’t you use it for your benefit and brand growth?

Coming back to the examples of the success cases above, if others achieved such great results, you can repeat their success by using the right tools.

Buzzweb can check out Instagram accounts absolutely free of charge without even registration or sms verification. Right after inserting the IG account, you will see the full picture of this influencer – followers’ quality (what percentage is bought and what is real), engagement rate and promotional opportunities.

Get ready to see the ugly truth about all bloggers, including the top ones.

Although, some accounts may be closed from public viewing, this is just another indicator that they are not trustworthy.

In order to eliminate all the risks, it’s better to choose the accounts with A+, A and B ratings. Although, C may work for you as well, they require more analysis on your side.

Here’s a short checklist of how you can additionally analyze Instagram accounts:

  • Go through the accounts that left the comments or likes to see if there are too many private accounts or accounts containing 1-2 photos;
  • Check the comments’ quality – whether they contain 2-3 words or emojis or something more profound;
  • Are there numerous sponsored posts from the same brand during a certain period of time? If yes, this is the sign of effectiveness and stability.

The main point of this brief article is that Buzzweb offers you a free tool to check Instagram account of any person with a detailed report, which will help you choose the right people to work with — without wasting your budget.

Are you ready to check Instagram account now? The report is just 5 minutes away.


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