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Check Instagram Followers To Choose The Right People

Your influencer marketing campaigns can’t be efficient if you are unable to check Instagram followers of bloggers you are working with.

Influencer marketing today

For most B2C brands social media is one of the best channels for growth, gathering feedback and watching the reaction of their customers to new releases, product tests or the new focus group.

Although Instagram has been booming for the past 3-5 years, it is still one of the leading social media platforms and keeps growing. Statista shows a continuous growth of active users in millions over the course of 5 years. According to their chart, it has reached 1 billion users in June 2018. So, while you are searching for new ways to grow your brand, your audience keeps growing in Instagram, therefore, influencer marketing is growing along with it.

In one of its articles dedicated to influencer marketing in 2018, Adweek mentioned that there are many companies that actively practice influencer marketing, and then there are others, which are afraid to invest big budgets because the ROI and effectiveness of this channel are not very clear to them.

At the same time, Irfan Ahmad, the founder of Digital information world and a popular blogger, has announced on Social Media Today that 94% of marketers who a seriously committed to influencer marketing reach up to 11x ROI, what can be hardly compared to other channels.

So many questions and so few answers

So the question is – what is preventing you from using influencer marketing to its full potential?

In most cases, the reasons are related to the lack of clarity regarding the tools that can measure the effectiveness, and in 86% of the cases marketers don’t understand how influencers calculate their fees, according to Rakuten Marketing survey. As a result, they prefer not to deal with something that seems so ambiguous that it creates more questions than answers. They are also afraid to be misled by dishonest bloggers.

But what if you had an online tool that could check the influencers’ Instagram followers, show you inside statistics with real effectiveness? Would you hire bloggers after knowing what you are paying for?

Open your eyes to reality

Buzzweb offers free Instagram audit of any account. It gathers the basic information from Instagram along with its own grade system and recommendations related to cooperation with bloggers.

Take a look at the blue graph on the right. That is the blogger’s followers quality.

Besides checking Instagram followers of the influencer, the report also shows the following information:

  • blogger’s global Instagram rank,
  • his engagement rate based on the average number of likes and comments,
  • sex and geography of the majority of his followers,
  • his Buzzweb Instagram rating from A+ to N/A with recommendations for marketers.

Report is generated in 5-10 minutes. You don’t need to be a registered user or provide any personal information. A more detailed report is also available for free, but after quick registration.

Marketers are getting an effective tool allowing them to assess Instagram influencers, choose the reliable ones and discuss fair fees for their services.

Generally, Buzzweb recommends choosing influencers with A+ to B grades, since they are more trustworthy than the rest. Sometimes, the fees charged by influencers with a C grade are much “friendlier”, however, you need to be a little more careful with them and make sure that their likes and comments are coming from real people.

Here are three simple ways of additional analysis of C-rated accounts:

  • open random account’s posts and the sponsored ones
  • who liked those posts? does anything seem suspicious?
  • analyze the сontent of their comments: are they too short, do they make sense?

Influencers and bloggers can also use this online account check to monitor their own effectiveness in order to improve further. Such an audit can be quite useful for comparison with other bloggers in your niche to see where you stand.

Also, if your audit results are good enough, you can go ahead and put this link to your bio in order to attract more advertisers and your efficiency level to them.

Influencer marketing trends

An option of conducting IG checks will be a great help for brands, especially considering the fact that lately micro influencers have become popular like never before, as it was mentioned by the creative content producer for and Adweek’s Digital Transformation vertical.

Another big trend is transparency, which was proven by Label insight study, the results of which have shown that 94% of people tend to trust the brands that openly mark sponsored posts as such. Given this fact, you will need to choose the influencers that have shown stability of working with the same brand over a certain period of time.

So, why wait? You can check Instagram followers of yours or somebody you know for the sake of testing.

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