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Fake Follower Check With Buzzweb Audit Tools

Instagram seems to be picking up new users faster than ever before. In January 2018 the platform founder announced that it had hit the milestone of 700 million active monthly users.

However, nowadays, practically each account has low-quality followers that don’t interact with its content. And there are two main reasons for it.

First, buying fake followers has become a kind of a trend among those Instagram users that want their growth be fast and earn easy money on sponsored posts. Second, bots and mass followers may start following any account, finding them by hashtags used in the posts. Have you noticed those suspicious new followers after each of your new posts?

  • So, how can you distinguish the users whose audience quality is really low?
  • Or how you can check your own Instagram page?

Fake follower check of any account

Buzzweb audit and rating tool shows you the audience quality of any Instagram account for free and without registration.

Enter the IG account’s username you would like to verify and get a report that will contain account audience quality split.

Take a look at the graph on the right.

  • Low-quality followers are all those bots and mass followers that belong to the account’s harmful audience,which spoil its engagement and reachability.
  • Regular followers are those account followers that like and comment on its content from time to time.
  • High-quality followers is the most valuable part of the account’s audience. They are the true fans of the account they belong to.

With the help of this instrument you can not only check a blogger’s followers, but make sure his engagement rate is high enough, which means he has the real influence on his followers’ minds. You can also compare the portrait of his audience with your target audience and make sure they fit.

However, the first thing in the report you should pay your attention to is blogger’s Instagram rating from A+ to N/A, which will allow you to make a conclusion on whether this blogger is worth collaborating with.

We would suggest working with those whose grade is between A+ and B. In some rare cases, you can also hire Cs. In particular, this might be a proper correlation of their audience quality and the reward they expect for the sponsored post.

Run a free fake follower check of any account

Fake follower check of your account and block the ghosts

Together with identifying your Instagram followers quality, Buzzweb’s “Audience quality” feature provides you with the list of those particular accounts that belong to fake followers.

Moreover, you can not only see the list of your fake followers, but also block them in order to grow your content’s engagement rate and page visibility. According to one of the latest Instagram algorithm updates of, the more of your followers like and comment on your new post — the more of your followers are allowed by the platform to see this post in their feeds.

To try this feature you need to sign up first.

Run a fake follower check of your account