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Find Fake Instagram Followers and Likes

Wonder why your influencer marketing campaign hasn’t produced results? Here are four possible reasons:

  1. You are targeting the wrong audience. For example, a female fitness blogger from the US doesn’t necessarily have followers that are women living in the US. Her audience age group may also not coincide with that of your target audience.
  2. The influencer has too many fake followers. Since the price of an influencer’s sponsored posts rises with their number of followers, some bloggers buy followers. Others simply don’t purge their followers’ lists of bots.
  3. The influencer is inflating his engagement rate. Dishonest influencers buy likes and comments to pretend they can motivate and inspire their audience or to appear more popular than they really are.
  4. Your own page has too many fake followers, such as bots or mass followers that follow anyone on Instagram who posts with relevant hashtags. These hurt the visibility of your content, preventing your true fans from seeing it. This happens because new posts are first shown only to 10% of your audience; they need likes and comments to be seen by a wider range. The more fakes follow your page, the higher the chance that too many of them will get into that 10% and kill the spreading of your new post.

As you can see, good-looking doesn’t mean good-working. To run an efficient influencer marketing campaign you need to carefully select social media influencers, analyzing their actual performance, and take care of your own Instagram page as well. That’s why Buzzweb has created two tools to help you do just that.

Find fake Instagram followers and likes of any influencer for free

Within 5 minutes the Buzzweb Audit & Rating tool generates a detailed report on any account you are interested in.

The blue graph on the left shows the blogger’s percentage of low-quality audience. These are bots that the blogger may have bought, as well as mass followers interested only in being followed back. They comprise the blogger’s fake followers.

Another indicator that the influencer has fake followers is a low engagement rate. The less followers interact with the content, the more of them were bought or follow the blogger for other reasons, such as mutual following. This means that they are actually fakes.

Instagram analytics

No registrations or sign-ups required. Each blogger gets an Instagram grade, ranging from A+ to F, that helps you to make your choice. You can also see the blogger’s average engagement rate, and reviews of the blogger written by other brands.

You can find helpful tips on how to interpret and work with the rating in «Instagram Audit Free» article.

Find fake Instagram followers of your account

The Buzzweb Audience Quality tool not only reveals your follower groups, but also helps block those of low quality making your pics and videos more visible to your true followers. This means more likes and comments and faster growth.

Only real followers can bring your brand page real popularity and help you gain clients.

You can sign up for free to try this tool.

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