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How Much Should I Charge For An Instagram Post: Tools & Tips

Influencer marketing pricing can be confusing. You work hard on your blog and want a fair price for a sponsored post in your feed. In turn, an advertiser has his budget and his own idea of how he want to spend it. Usually, he does not offer you enough. According to Buzzweb research, it’s 20-30% less than you think you deserve.

Are you overestimating yourself as an influencer? Or is it the advertiser who is underestimating you?

You can learn the fair price with the help of Buzzweb rating & audit service. Just enter your username and get a media kit with the price fair for your Instagram blog.

The service takes into account:

  • the size of your audience;
  • your audience quality;
  • your audience location;
  • your engagement rate;
  • also, it takes into the account whether your Instagram blog is niche.

Niche social media influencers are harder to find and reach, but, what is more important, their content takes more effort and knowledge to create. That is why their sponsored posts cost more.

How much should I charge for an Instagram post? Tips to negotiate

The calculated price is also shown on the page with the deep analytics report on your account that brands use to choose proper influencers. This report might be your tool in the negotiations with the brand representative.

  1. Ask the brand representatives that you have already collaborated with to leave a short review on their experience with you on the page that contains your mediakit at Buzzweb. Even one or two sentences left by a real advertiser will help you a lot in gaining a new sponsorship.
  2. With the help of the Buzzweb service you can not only check out and verify your post price, but also see the fair prices of the bloggers from your industry to compare yourself to. In case your potential sponsor doesn’t agree with your price or is asking for the too big a discount, you can send him several links to the media kits of influencers similar to you where the prices will be the same. This will be enough proof that your pricing is fair.
  3. If the brand representative is still sure he can pay you a lower price, the option you can suggest is buying more posts and consider the lower price to be the bulk discount. In addition, you can also ask him to recommend you to his colleagues from other companies who are in charge of influencer marketing.
  4. Don’t delete any of your sponsored posts. They all comprise your portfolio that will work for you someday, since wise advertisers tend to ask whether the blogger has already promoted any products of the industry the advertiser’s product belongs to. Or, for example, if the advertiser is a small local company, he might ask for the examples of the sponsored post for the same geography. Of course, your feed shouldn’t be composed only of sponsored posts, but the more of them you have, the greater are your chances of getting more sponsors.

How much should I charge for an Instagram post?
Find out for free with Buzzweb Sponsored post calculator for Instagram