How To Check Followers On Instagram?

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How To Check Followers On Instagram: Quick And Free

How to check followers on Instagram is an essential question for both brands and social media influencers. The higher your audience quality — the higher your engagement rate and visibility on the platform. How exactly does it work?

After Instagram released its new algorithm, the picture or video you just posted is shown to only 10% of your followers. If they like and comment on it and the content gets enough of their attention, it is shown to more of your audience. If that new portion also likes and comments on it — the content is shown to more of your followers. And so on. The more of your audience interact with your new post — the more of your audience see it.

That means the more low-quality audience you have — the less are the chances of your content to be spread on Instagram.

That is why it is important to check the followers of your own page and of the influencers you are thinking to collaborate with.

How to check followers on Instagram for any account?

Free audit tool from Buzzweb can reveal any account’s follower quality.

Enter the username you would like to check and wait 5 minutes to get the report, where you will see the account’s:

  • high quality audience;
  • regular audience;
  • and low quality audience.

They will be shown on the blue graph on the left.

Low quality will be the harmful part of the audience that ignores the content of the account owner and doesn’t interact with its content. These are:

  • bots that might be even be bought to rapidly grow the following number;
  • mass followers and commercial pages that have followed the account just to get its attention to their own pages.

No payment or registration are needed. Just enter the username of the account you would like to check.

How to check your followers on Instagram?

Another Buzzweb tool, “Audience quality”, not only displays the quality of your audience. It also helps identify which specific accounts belong to your low quality followers and assists in blocking them.

Check out your low quality followers and get rid of them to grow the performance of your account.

To try this tool out you only need to sign up with your Instagram account.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking of how to check followers on Instagram, you are on the right track to growing the effectiveness of your presence on this platform. Nowadays, numbers matter. However, these are not the numbers of your followers, but their quality, which is a measure of your real influence.

Quality audience can grow your brand awareness and can be transformed into your clients if you represent a business. Also, knowing the audience quality of the influencer you are thinking of collaborating with, you don’t have to waste your budget but can choose the best ones.

In turn, if you are an influencer, your audience quality can assist you in pushing your content to Instagram’s recommended posts and get you awesome sponsors.