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IG Analyzer Is A Great Help For Brands

Does it make sense to grow your brand with influencers?

Deborah Weinswig’s article in Forbes calls influencers the ‘golden children of marketing strategies right now,’ and even though customers do not know them in reality, 92% of people tend to trust influencers more than traditional brand ads or celebrity endorsement. This makes us think that influencers have become the new drivers of the digital marketing world.

Report by Deloitte found that 48% of millenials and 24% of non-millenials are influenced by social media. These considerable numbers are hard to ignore and yet, the ROI shows even more impressive results.

According to Kristen Matthews, an expert from Social Media Examiner, good ROI is 15%-20%, however, record results were registered by the US digital advertising solutions specialist Rhythm One — a 960% return on investment.

Yet, many marketers may have doubts about practicing influencer marketing for a number of reasons. Most of them are related to the quality of bloggers, their effectiveness, what comes down to spending a lot of money for results with poor ROI.

Some marketers might have even had a bad experience and some are just not sure whether it’s worth trying in the era of bloggers when, figuratively speaking, every 10th person calls himself/herself a blogger. How do you distinguish between the real and effective influencers and all others?

All these questions show an evident lack of tools which could have helped determine the influencer’s effectiveness and display his/her previous results in order to choose the right candidate to entrust your brand to.

The answer to all the questions

Buzzweb offers a free IG analyzer tool, which can show you a full profile of any account at a glance in minutes:

The provided data help eliminate the majority of doubts related to hiring an influencer:

  • Does the influencer have real influence?
  • What is his/her real engagement ratio?
  • How many bots does influencer have among the followers?
  • What is the profile of the blogger’s audience? Does it match the segments of your target audience?
  • Are the influencer backed up by reviews from another advertisers?
  • And, finally, is it worth it to try and work with this blogger?

Buzzweb IG analyzer can answer all these questions, simplify your decision-making process and make influencer marketing a lot more transparent. The main advantage of this analyzer tool is that it gives an independent, third-party assessment of influencers. On the one hand, you will see a beautiful presentation of the results provided by influencers, but on the other you will see the real picture by conducting your own audit.

How IG analyzer works:

  • You enter an IG account link (no registration is needed)
  • Wait 5-10 minutes
  • Get a concise report, independent rating from Buzzweb along with recommendations

What the report consists of:

  • Blogger’s global Instagram rank
  • Buzzweb Instagram rating divided into 7 grades (from A+ to N/A) based on 6 key metrics
  • Their engagement rate according to the average number of likes and comments
  • Their audience quality bar showing how many real people, suspicious accounts and bots constitute the number of followers
  • Core audience profile divided by geographical location, sex and age group.
  • Additional personal recommendations from Buzzweb interpreting the influencer’s overall performance.

The best influencers to work with have a rating between A+ and B. You may also consider C-rated bloggers if they cover a certain target audience segment of yours, however, it’s better to check the following points additionally:

  • Investigate the content of the comments to their posts. Do they make sense or they contain just a “great pic” comment or emojis?
  • Check the accounts of those who made a comment or liked the influencers posts randomly. Do they look like real people?
  • Does the influencer have a successful business case of working with the same brand for certain period of time and at least 2-3 publications from it?

It’s also important to mention that some influencers intentionally hide their internal statistics from public. Hence, it’s better not to consider such candidates.

Business owners and marketers can find more tips on how to interpret the results of Buzzweb IG analyzer in our «Instagram Audit Free» article.

And now it’s time to take advantage of Instagram-engaged users to reach your target audience, grow your brand and generate sales. Otherwise, your competitors will do that instead. Try using IG analyzer today.

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