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IG Sponsored Ads Price Calculator And Tips To Economize

The issue with Instagram influencer marketing is that it has no rate standards. To understand whether each particular influencer is overestimating his sponsored post price or it is fair, a digital marketer has to have a really vast experience in working with Instagram influencers and a solid analytics tool that helps him thoughtfully examine influencers’ accounts.

If you aren’t that kind of marketer or just want to save your time, you can use the Buzzweb IG sponsored ads calculator.

Buzzweb IG sponsored ads calculator

How does it work?

Using the Buzzweb IG sponsored ads calculator, you can find out the impartial value of any influencer’s post.

The tool calculates and takes into account all the metrics that matter for the influencer marketing campaign, like the influencer’s audience size, his follower quality and their location, his niche, and, of course, the engagement rate.

The tool give both the Instagram influencer and the brand an opportunity to build trust. The blogger sees that the brand isn’t underestimating his influence. In turn, the brand sees that the influencer doesn’t overestimate his account.

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5 tips to economize

A good marketing strategy is partially a question of the budget. What you can do to conclude a deal with the influencer at a price lower than the Buzzweb calculator has shown to you? There are certain opportunities.

  1. Propose writing a review on your collaboration experience and the results. This is what can help him to get new advertisers to partner with.
  2. If you have been working in the marketing industry for at least a year, then you have several marketers among your acquaintances who represent other brands. Promise the blogger that you will recommend him to them (not only promise, but do really recommend him after you make that promise).
  3. Offer the influencer a barter trade. If he really likes your product or service, he will agree to get a part of his reward compensation in that form. Moreover, if he doesn’t agree — he may not be the proper person to promote your brand. Influencer marketing effectiveness is all about authenticity, but if your influencer won’t use your product in his daily life, then ask yourself — will his followers use it? Will they believe his post promoting your brand? Most likely they won’t.
  4. That’s not quite a fair trick, but you can always tell the blogger that you have only a certain sum put aside for your collaboration. So there are two options — he agrees to the budget you have and earns some money or you need to look for other bloggers and he gets nothing. Without sounding rude, explain that these are simply the conditions that you can offer. In this case, your review on his work and your recommendation of his candidacy to other marketers becomes a must-have term of your collaboration to sweeten the situation.
  5. Promise that in case you reach certain goals with the blogger’s post, you will buy more of his posts. In that case, you should clearly explain what those goals are, how you will measure their attainment, and what the time frame is for the repeat publications.

Try Buzzweb Sponsored Post Calculator for Instagram