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Insta calculator: all-in-one tool to analyse any page

Do you want to analyse your Instagram page to learn its weak and strong points?
Or you wish to check out somebody else’s page?

Is it the engagement rate you want to calculate?
Or more complex metrics like audience quality and fake followers?
Or maybe you would like to find out any influencer’s price per post?

Buzzweb Insta Calculator can answer all of your questions regarding your own account or the account of any Instagram user.

Instagram continues to grow. With over 1 billion monthly active users it is the most rapidly growing social media platform. And it offers huge opportunities to earn — as a brand, you can attract new customers, and as an influencer, you can help brands do that for a good reward.

However, to take advantage of these opportunities you have to be prepared. A brand needs to distinguish a real influencer from a fake one and be able to pick the best match according to its target audience and client portrait. In turn, an influencer should know his weak and strong points to be able to meet a brand’s requirements, promote its product in the best way possible and get more advertisers.

In these terms, the Insta calculator that can provide you with all the information you need and assist you in making data-driven decisions is a must-have tool for both advertisers and influencers.

Insta Calculator from Buzzweb

Instagram rating, engagement rate, audience quality and split, brand mentions, post value, and much more — enter the username of the Instagram blogger you are interested in and get a detailed analysis of his account.

First 5 analyses are free.

4 tips to benefit from Buzzweb analytics

For influencers

  • As you can notice, there a place for brand reviews of their experience with you. As advertisers tend to work with reliable bloggers, ask the brands you already collaborated with to leave several lines about you. This will grow the attention to your page and will help you obtain sponsorship contracts.
  • Check out your post value. Do you agree? You can always suggest you own price. However, it can’t be much greater, as Buzzweb algorithms provide accurate and transparent data that forms a brand’s understanding of what the fair price is. And no brand wants to overpay.
  • If the result of your analysis is good, then add the link to it in you Instagram bio. This will make the advertisers understand that you are open to collaboration, as well as assure them that you are an effective choice for their promotion.

For brands

  • We suggest you collaborate with bloggers who have A+, A and B grades. They have real influence and are the most effective in representing your interests. C-rated bloggers may also work in some cases, i.e., when they offer low prices and their audience quality is good. In this case, for a smaller budget the total reach of several C-rated bloggers’ will be higher than the reach of one A or B blogger.

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