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Instagram advertising pricing: the fair price for blogger’s post

Are you an Instagram influencer who wants to compare own post price with the price of posts published by influencers similar to you? Or to check out how big is the reward of top bloggers from your niche?

Are you a brand representative who needs to find out the fair price for a particular influencer’s post?

Buzzweb Instagram advertising pricing calculator will help you.

In June 2018, Instagram has announced that is had reached 1 billion monthly active users. Along with this, the platform’s total influencer marketing budget has also reached $1 billion. And Mediakix predicts that it will double by 2019 — with the addition of Shopping Tags, additional built-in analytics options, call and email features, and other tools for businesses, the platform is on track to become a major player in digital marketing.

The solid share of the money mentioned will definitely go into the social media influencers’ pockets. So, are you interested in how much a particular blogger’s post costs? You now have this opportunity, courtesy of the Buzzweb Instagram advertising pricing calculator.

Just enter the username of the Instagram influencer you are interested in and see his post value, based on the key performance metrics of his account.

By reviewing the detail of each metric, you can easily discover why some social media influencers seem to be similar, but their actual post prices differ.

Sponsored posts vs. promotional posts

Is advertising via influencers more effective than promoting your own posts? Let’s calculate.

You can expect that you will have to pay somewhere between 20 cents and $2 per click (CPC) during your promo post campaign. If you prefer to run your ads on a cost per mille (CPM) basis, focusing on impressions, then you are likely to spend about $5 per 1,000 visitors on average. At the same time, a blogger with 1,000 followers might charge between $30 to $80. That seems to be more expensive, if you don’t consider the main factor that makes people buy, which is authority. Or if you simply don’t compare the results.

Targeting opportunities are almost the same: location, interests, demographics, etc. However, when you promote your own posts, they are shown to people that mostly don’t know your brand. When you are advertised by influencers, their followers get the information about your product or service from the person who they like, trust or even admire. This brings your post more attention, and makes your product or service really desirable.

The words of a social media influencer are not just information, like in case of promoted posts, but an indication of what is currently trendy or can be really useful and fascinating for them. That is why influencers’ sponsored posts about your product or service are more efficient in terms of ROI.

Final words

When is comes to advertising on Instagram, social media influencers can support your brand a lot — from growing your brand awareness to increasing the sales of your product or service. However, as the influencer marketing industry lacks standard rates, negotiations between brands and bloggers might be confusing and be futile. Is it the blogger who overestimates his influence and promo opportunities? Or is it the brand who tries to save the budget and can’t see the real value of the blogger? Now you can find out.

Buzzweb Instagram advertising pricing calculator makes sponsored post pricing transparent and fair, and the decisions on whether you are ready to work with each other — instant and painless.

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