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Instagram Analytics Online Is Your Magic Wand

Organic way to grow your brand

Today it’s hard to imagine a brand without their own pages on the major social media platforms. However, self-promotion may not achieve the same results as opinion leaders on the market, who can put in a word for you.

According to the US digital advertising agency Rhythm One, the average ROI of influencer marketing is 960% or USD 9.60 for USD 1 spent. At the same time, as it was mentioned in Medium, collaboration with bloggers and influencers is not just an effective approach to promoting your brand, but also an absolutely organic way to grow your Instagram account. However, regardless of all the advantages of incorporating influencer marketing into your strategy, it might still be tricky.

Common difficulties

The main challenge is to find the right influencers to do the job. There are many bloggers with considerable numbers of followers, likes, comments, beautiful presentations and designers working for them — all aimed to create an impressive selling package, but you will never know whether this blogger can deliver the results you want. You never know what’s hiding behind those follower numbers – are they real people or not.

If you had some recommendations about certain bloggers, you could have hired them, but what if those candidates are not suitable for your industry segments, or if they are too big or too small? It would be great to have a list of trusted influencers along with real reviews from the brands, wouldn’t it?

However, even if you had such a list, you’d never know the truth about their audience quality and engagement level unless you found an independent third-party source to check them out.

Luckily, there are Instagram analytics online tools that can conduct a full audit of any Instagram account. Buzzweb offers one of the easiest analytical checks for free.

Features of Instagram analytics online provided by Buzzweb

  • Independent rating system. Buzzweb has its own rating scale from A+ to N/A, which gives a general verdict about reliability and effectiveness of any Instagram influencer. By looking at a concise description you can decide whether it’s worth giving this candidate a chance or not.
  • Transparent audit. As a result, you will see the following information about the influencer:
    • Global Instagram rank;
    • Audience quality divided into three categories – high, regular and low quality;
    • Engagement ratio based on the number of likes and comments;
    • Core audience characteristics: gender ratio, age and geography divided into 5 main locations;
    • Number of followers and posts;
    •  Real reviews from the brands who have worked with the influencers.
  • Free and quick. Free report is available in 5-10 minutes after inputting the IG account.
  • Ready to use. No registration is needed, unless you want to see a detailed report.

Your can helpful tips on how to interpret the results of Buzzweb Instagram analytics online in our «Instagram Audit Free» article.

Final recommendations

Now, hopefully you are convinced of the importance of trying out influencer marketing for your brand, if you haven’t tried it before. Even if you did and had a bad experience, you can give it a second try, armed with the right tools and information.

We recommend hiring influencers with ratings between A+ and B. You can also try working with those who have a C, but you better analyze them more closely first.

In case the account check shows no results, it means that the Instagram user has decided to hide its statistics from public, which is suspicious.

And finally, if you decided to hire influencers, it would be wise to hire not just one person, but several – one for each target audience segment.

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