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Instagram analyzer to help you grow and earn

When Instagram appeared in 2010, it was just like any other photo-sharing social media platform: filled with selfies, pretty pets and pictures from holiday.

However, since then the platform has released a lot of helpful features for brands that can assist in selling their products and services. For example, shoppable Instagram feed and new ways to drive and track traffic from Instagram Stories. At the moment Instagram is a full-on marketing channel, where a marketer or business owner needs special tools to make it work for his goals. And Instagram analyzers are the basic instruments. Any user who wants to monetize his impressive following number, or so-called Instagram influencer, is better to analyze his page too.

So, what are the best Instagram analyzer tools?

Instagram Insights

Instagram insights is a native Instagram analytics tool that is accessible for free to any Instagram user who has switched his account to a business account mode.

What can one track there? A lot of data helpful for any business or influencer, such as:

  • «Profile visits» show how many people have visited your page;
  • «Website clicks» indicate how many people have clicked on the link in your Bio;
  • «Email» is the total amount of times people have tapped on it on your profile;
  • «Call» is the total amount of times people have tapped on Call on your profile;
  • «Reach» displays the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your pics or videos;
  • «Impressions» show how many times your posts have been seen by Instagram users;
  • The statistics of your Stories shows detailed data about your Stories;
  • You can also see the portrait of your audience: gender, age, and followers’ top locations;
  • Plus many more.

It should be mentioned that most of the sections of Instagram Insights are limited to the past 7 days. Also, since Instagram Insights are only available to the account owner, others can’t see the metrics of his page, which might be important when a brand is choosing influencers for its influencer marketing campaign or an influencer wants to compare his performance with the performance of other bloggers in his niche.

Buzzweb Instagram analyzer will be useful.

Buzzweb Instagram analyzer

If you want to check out someone’s profile — just anyone’s — enter his username and get a full report including:

  • Profile’s rating from A+ to N/A;
  • Its engagement rate;
  • Audience quality;
  • Audience profile;
  • Price per post in its feed.

We recommend to partner with accounts ranking from A+ to B. They are the most influential and are efficient in achieving business goals, such as increasing brand awareness, growing traffic and sales. They are also good at promoting the pages of other influencers if they feature them.

Cs might also be a good choice — they won’t charge much, but still have either enough high-quality audience or enough highly engaged audience.

Accounts where cheating with likes or bought followers are detected are rated with an F. They can even harm your page by bringing bots to your page.

Brands representatives and influencers can find more tips on how to work with the reports of the Buzzweb Instagram analyzer in our «Instagram Audit Free» article.

Now when you can learn all the truth about other accounts — you are well-equipped to act more reasonably and choose the best partners.

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