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Instagram Audit Free — Get A Detailed Report On Any Account

Wondering what is behind that impressive following number of your favorite bloggers or bloggers you’d love to cooperate with? Run a quick diagnostic and get a free performance review full of actionable tips.

Influencer marketing campaign can bring impressive results for those companies that use it properly. Influencer Marketing Hub conducted research in 2017 and found that the interviewees had earned $7.65 for every dollar they invested in their influencer marketing campaigns. In particular, the top 15% received more than $20 for every dollar spent on collaboration with influencers, and 25% either lost their investments. The main reason for brands wasting budgets was the choice of poor social media influencers that seemed to be efficient. Those brands didn’t audit the bloggers’ authenticity, as well as their audience quality.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger, you can also be interested in running a free Instagram audit of your account, or those that are in your niche. All the more so, you can use the results of the audit as your portfolio by sending a link to it to your potential advertisers.

5 minute Instagram audit from Buzzweb

Buzzweb Instagram audit provides you with a detailed report on any account, except for private ones or those whose owners have closed them to public viewing.

Enter the Instagram account you would like to analyze and you will get its:

  • grade from A+ to N/A;
  • audience quality as a percentage;
  • audience split;
  • engagement rate with average number of likes and comment;
  • brief conclusion on whether this influencer is worth hiring.


Run Instagram audit free

A tip for brands

Here at Buzzweb we recommend to choose only the bloggers that have A+ to B grades. In some cases you can hire C-rated bloggers — that is a question of their price. However, make sure they don’t cheat with likes and comments.

How? Just open several random posts and check out who liked them — ordinary or suspicious accounts? What are the comments? ‘Like this pic’ and ‘cool page’ made by bots and special mass commenting tools? Or some statements and questions that make sense? It’s a great plus if a C blogger has two or three promo posts from the same advertiser. That is proof that they are efficient and are worth hiring.

Tips for bloggers

  • If you are satisfied with your rating, place the link to it in your Instagram bio. That way more advertisers will be able to learn that you are an awesome influencer.
  • If you’re are not satisfied with the performance of your page, then knowing your weaknesses is the first step to the top. The second is finding out how to beat them. That is why we have prepared some recommendations that might help you grow.
  • In any case, you can hide the page with your rating. However, if your grade is high enough, you shouldn’t, since according to our statistics, bloggers with poor performance behave like this.

Run Instagram audit free