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Instagram Data: Top Free Tools

Instagram data collection is the first step in setting your business goals on this social media platform. If you know your key performance indicators, your strengths and weaknesses, you can see which of your actions were effective and plan your future activities so that they impact your growth and income.

In particular, if you use influencer marketing and collaborate with social media influencers you better find out all the Instagram data on them. Are they real influencers or just pretend ones? To what degree? And what is their audience?

There are two ways you can find this out.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a free built-in platform analytics. To use it, one must have a business profile. The tool can provide you with plenty of helpful information. From the demographics of the page’s followers and its most engaging posts to the statistics for each post — its reach, profile visits, saves, and much more. All this information makes it easy to choose the influencer with the proper audience, plan your collaboration, as well as measure the results of the campaign.

However, all the data is only available to the account owner. That means you can’t be sure that the influencer is displaying true data on his page. The data may also be insufficient, as Instagram insights don’t provide the info about the blogger’s grade, which is helpful in understanding whether he has real influence.

Buzzweb audit & rating service

The Buzzweb service provides you with detailed data on any Instagram account. The tool is also free. What you need to do is only enter the username of the influencer you would like to check for efficiency and authenticity.

Here are the key metrics displayed in the report that can assist you:

  • Overall influencer rating from A+ to F or N/A in case he has less than 1K followers and/or under 50 posts. We recommend collaborating with those bloggers with A+, A or B grades. They have true influence and can grow your brand awareness.
  • Influencer’s global Instagram rank if he belongs to top bloggers.
  • Influencer engagement rate with the average number and likes and comments per post. Engagement rate demonstrates how actively the blogger’s audience welcomes his posts. The higher it is — the greater is his power. At the same time, bloggers with an excessively low engagement rate may have even bought their followers. You can take these figures as the benchmark:
    • 1M+ followers — 1.5% engagement rate,
    • 100K-1M followers — 2.1%,
    • 20-100K followers — 2.4%,
    • 5-20K followers — 3.5%,
    • 1-5K followers and — 5.5%.
  • Influencer’s audience composition — in particular, its quality and demographics. Where:
    • High-quality followers are those that regularly like and comment on the influencer’s content. They are his true fans and the most inspired audience.
    • Regular followers are real Instagram users that sometimes like and comment on the account’s content and sometimes ignore it.
    • Low-quality followers are mass followers that follow more than 1 000 accounts. They are always interested only in mutual follows and even unable to see influencer’s posts, as they get too much content in their feed.
  • Price per sponsored post in the blogger’s feed.

Brands representatives and influencers can find more tips on how to interpret the results of Buzzweb analytics in «Instagram Audit Free» article.

The tool might be helpful for the influencers as well — one can compare himself with other bloggers from the same niche or use the link to the report in his Instagram bio as part of a portfolio to attract brands.

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